This is how your jeans will look come summer 2018

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Our WGSN Denim team has delved into the future to offer a sneak peek of the key styles for S/S18.

DEC 01, 2016


hen it comes to denim design, Denim by Premiere Vision is usually the first stop on any denim designer’s calendar. The industry trade show is the ultimate for fabric sourcing, attracting designers from all around the globe to pick through the newest fabrics from the world’s top denim mills. Held two seasons ahead of retail, this is the place where you’ll find the newest innovations in construction, wash and finish that you can expect to be on your jeans in the next few years.This November, the show hosted the Spring/Summer 18 edition in Paris, where mills and laundries from all major denim hubs like Japan, Turkey, Pakistan and India to name a few showcased their latest innovations.

Big names like Kuroki, Calik, Orta and Arvind were present to show off their latest developments to all the major high street retailers like Topshop, Zara, and New Look, alongside high-fashion designers looking to inject some of the blue stuff into their runway collections.

The WGSN denim team was on hand to scour the floor and pick out the biggest trends in wash and finish, as part of our seasonal trend analysis from the fair. To give our readers a taste of what to expect we present a snapshot of some of our favourite looks from the fair. Subscribers can read the full report here.

The next Denim by Premiere Vision fair will be held 26-27 April 2017.

Denim spring summer 18, denim shorts




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Researchers uncover algorithm which may solve human intelligence

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If we have the algorithm, we also have the key to true artificial intelligence.


Wikimedia Commons

The key element which separates today’s artificial intelligence (AI) systems and what we consider to be human thought and learning processes could be boiled down to no more than an algorithm.

That’s according to a recent paper published in the journal Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, which suggests that despite the complexity of the human brain, an algorithm may be all it takes for our technological creations to mimic our way of thinking.

As reported by Business Insider, the idea that human thought can be whittled down to an algorithm lies in the “Theory of Connectivity,” which proposes that human intelligence is rooted in “a power-of-two-based permutation logic (N = 2i-1)” algorithm, capable of producing perceptions, memories, generalized knowledge and flexible actions, according to the paper.

First proposed in 2015, the theory suggests that how we acquire and process knowledge can be explained by how different neurons interact and align in separate areas of the brain.

It may also be that our brain power is based on “a relatively simple mathematical logic,” according to Dr. Joe Tsien, neuroscientist at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University and author of the paper.

The logic proposed, N = 2i-1, relates to how groups of similar neurons come together to handle tasks such as recognizing food, shelter, and threats. These cliques then cluster together to form functional connectivity motifs (FCMs), which handle additional ideas and conclusions.

The more complex the task, the larger the group of FCMs.

In order to test the theory and how many cliques are necessary to create an FCM, the researchers analyzed how the algorithm performed in seven different regions of the brain, all of which handled primal, basic responses such as food, shelter, and fear in lab mice and hamsters.

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By offering different food combinations and monitoring brain responses, the team was able to document 15 unique combinations of neuron clusters.

Furthermore, these cliques “appear prewired,” according to the researchers, as they appeared immediately when the food choices did.

“The fundamental mathematical rule even remained largely intact when the NMDA receptor, a master switch for learning and memory, was disabled after the brain matured,” the scientists say.

Such research is an important step in improving our understanding of how the brain, and mind, works — and therefore how this scientific understanding could hypothetically be implied to future AI projects. It may not give us the key to improving our own intelligence, but if the basic components of how the brain is wired could be applied to artificial intelligence models, then who knows how far future AI will advance.

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Introducing the High-Flex Consumer

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WGSN Mindset The High-flex consumer ~ No more stereotypes… The increasing collapse of traditional social identifiers (age, gender, race) is paving the way to a new vision that embraces diversity and celebrates the beauty of non perfection. Public or Private Life? The growing blurred lines between private life, public profile and professional career are leading consumers to embrace a multifaceted perspective with fast-evolving needs and desires. Social Context @winnieharlow @fannykarst ~ PART 1: The High-flex consumer ~ How do they see themselves? New attitudes: Tolerant + Openminded + Creative • Free-to-be-me society: flexible regarding work, love, identity, religion and social • People are unique: need for self expression in a society of flexible identities. • Creative Class: With access to creative apps and popular social networks such as Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, everyone now has the opportunity to become a creator and an influencer

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Amazon Quietly Rolls Out Private Label Fashions

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In addition to building out its team, Amazon has at least seven private label fashion brands selling on its site already.

By Maghan McDowell on February 22, 2016

The threat of Amazon private label apparel has already quietly arrived.

The company isn’t only building out a team to make private label goods, it’s already selling apparel and accessories under its own trademarked brands.

KeyBanc Capital analyst Ed Yruma noted the company has introduced at least seven private label fashion brands with about 1,800 stockkeeping units. Launched with little fanfare, the brands are: Franklin & Freeman, Franklin Tailored, James & Erin, Lark & Ro, North Eleven, Scout + Ro and Society New York. The brands sell goods ranging from men’s dress shoes, suiting and accessories to women’s casual and contemporary clothing, accessories, and children’s clothing. Most of the items are in the women’s dress and handbags line, called Society New York, which has 911 sku’s, and in Franklin Tailored, the men’s accessories line, 250 sku’s.

Contemporary women’s clothing line Lark & Ro sells dresses for $66.50 and tops for $31.41 and its Amazon Web store touts: “Practical yet polished, our wardrobe essentials are the perfect solution for those navigating busy mornings, a hectic work schedule, and a full roster of after-hours and weekend events. Our purpose is to simplify your life by serving up effortless style when you need it most.”

“Amazon will use private label selectively, which should both enhance the offering and induce traditional apparel vendors to sell to Amazon,” Yruma said in a research note. “Apparel is a large category that remains highly fragmented. We think the low barriers to entry, size and significant competitive set make this an attractive category for Amazon. While apparel is one of Amazon’s fastest-growing categories, more work must be done for the business to scale. We expect the challenges the company has faced in courting the fashion community to remain, but we think Amazon will continue to evolve its strategy. We believe greater brand cooperation with third-party seller restrictions and an owned brand approach (development of niche brands and private label) will be necessary to penetrate the apparel market in a more meaningful way.”

Yruma said the push into apparel, if successful, could help boost Amazon’s profits and contribute at least 25 cents to earnings per share in 2017. KeyBanc places the company’s 2017 earnings at $9.36 a share.

“Amazon is one of the most disruptive forces in retail and technology today,” he said. “We think it will continue to take market share and also benefit as total share accorded to e-commerce continues to grow.”

In recent weeks, Amazon has been looking to build its private label team, with job openings listed for a head of marketing and senior brand manager, senior sourcing manager and senior merchandiser to staff the Amazon Fashion Private Label unit. And according to The Gaurdian, Amazon in talks with former Marks & Spencer women’s wear head Frances Russell for a senior role.

Although Amazon hasn’t confirmed this initiative, Amazon Fashion vice president Jeff Yurcisin alluded to this opportunity during the WWD CEO Summit in New York last October.

Experts seem to agree that Amazon is well poised to be a significant contender in offering basics and fast fashion, which would allow it to both take advantage of gaps in its assortment from outside vendors and make considerably higher margins.

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Amazon Selling Its Own Clothes Actually Makes a Lot of Sense

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2018 Denim Trends At DPV

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Despite various controversies surrounding the trade shows clashing each others’ timings, the DPV held on Nov 5 and 6 at Paris – with the first Paris returned edition – went off well with decent attendance , though there have been many opinions on this issue. Many exhibitors were quite happy with the visitations and return to Paris , while many other felt that it could have been better . The next edition will again happen on April 26-27 and it will again be a tightly packed schedule with  shows in Amsterdam and NY also happening closely .

Premium Vintage Market

A new concept of Vintage Denim Market was initiated by DPV and some very authentic and vintage garments specially in denim were brought out by the Denim Boulevard ( Murio and Antonio). With many garments and accessories over 100 years old , it was a treat for most of the visitors with most of them shooting the looks while others lapped up the vintage apparel as they were on sale. We interviewed Murio and Antonio on the kinds of vintage apparel they were displaying and some of them were just mind blowing.

Premium Vintage | DPV | Denimsandjeans

Premium Vintage | DPV | DenimsandjeansPremium Vintage | DPV | Denimsandjeans

Premium Vintage Market | DPV | Denimsandjeans

Coming to the aspect of  new products from different companies, we visited some of the global denim leaders and spoke to them. We bring out the talks with the companies along with some details on their products.

Kassim Denim | Pakistan

Kassim introduced the 38oz jeans and which has  been claimed as the world’s heaviest denim by the company. Technically a very difficult weight to achieve and to sew, it added a feather to the cap of the company. Further the company introduced two major innovations at DPV

  • They launched the first indigo fabric made with a 3-D printer which is a perfect blend of use of ancient technique of Indigo dyeing and future technology of 3D printing . It is made with TRT, a polyester resin. This specific material is made with made out of recycled plastic material, it is biodegradable, highly flexible and breathable. It can be used for five-pocket jeans while it can also be aged and treated as regular indigo denim. In the future, Kassim is also working on to develop stretchable 3D.

  • They also launched a special microchip that can be attached to jeans and can trace position, body movement, body temperature, humidity, medical information and many other information of its wearer. It can track the wearer anytime from anywhere with the use of technology.

An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Kassim can be seen below

Interview With Kassim | Denimsandjeans

Soorty | Pakistan

Soorty focused on Sustainability with some of their key products.  Soorty introduced three products in this arena.

  1. Denim Active : Two bases have used to develop this product , one is Bi-Stretch base with a recycled component and another one with Cool Max base and moisture management and temperature control. This product can be used for cycling ,yoga and while playing sports.
  2. Herbal Blue   : Made with Natural Indigo and extracted from the plant “ Indigofera” and then further processed to make it completely sustainable and organic with least consumption of water.
  3. Zero Water Blue: The products under this project have been developed with 90% less water consumption during the dyeing process. 3.1 Liters water per garment from Raw Fiber till Finished Garment has been used. has an exclusive chat session with Mr Mansoor Bilal from Soorty where he explains about the new S/S 18 collections and its specialties. Check out the video !

Interview With Soorty | Denimsandjeans

Arvind Denim | India

Arvind Denim came up with variety of developments. The first in the line was Recycle denim . Under recycle denim , they offered Renaissance which had Men/women bottom both in stretch and rigid which have been developed by using post consumer waste and it also meets Global Recycling  Standards ( GRS). The next concept which they were offering at DPV was Azurite ,a product which has been saturated with the Indigo which can be washed at multi levels.The next concept was Neo Bubble developed by using sustainable dyeing which contains different textures and blend. 

An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Arvind can be seen below

An Interview With Arvind | Denimsandjeans

Bossa Denim | Turkey

Bossa came this time with some advance developments covering a series of new denims including its Dye-Art process  which enables the manufacturers  to reduce usage of water upto 22 litres of water per meter of dyed fabric  . The Turkish Denim giant is also targeting to increase usage of BCI cotton in their production from 35 % to 60 % for years to come with an ultimate objective to reach at the level of 90% usage  of BCI Cotton.For the rest of 10 % , they are aiming for Organic Cotton.

An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Vicunha can be seen below

Interview With Bossa Denim | Denimsandjeans

Prosperity | China

While talking to Denimsandjeans , Mr Kary from Prosperity introduced some new innovations which were made with their recent collaboration with Creora Fit2. They developed a garment which is a four way stretch that gives more elasticity in the warp (40-50%) and less in the weft (22%) with great stretch recovery. Another product that Prosperity introduced was ISPO with a temperature circulation technology . Prosperity also brought some cotton linen sustainable products to showcase along with sweet Indigo garments.

An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Vicunha can be seen below

Interview With Prosperity | Denimsandjeans

Vicunha | Brazil

Vicunha brought some fabrics which incorporate Dryarn fibers for 30% lighter denims with cooling properties . They introduced some major other products from their stable including  Athiletic Denim ,Hi Technology Sportswear and Eco Recycling being some of them. The Hi Technology Sportswear keeps you dry and cool in summer and that is because of the Yarn used in it as per Vicunha. The Eco Recycling promotes greener approach towards fashion by using water lesser upto 80% . Vicunha is a BCI rich company with most of their production being done with BCI cotton  An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Vicunha can be seen below

Interview With Vicunha | Denimsandjeans

Naveena | Pakistan

  At the Denim PV ,  Naveena Introduced their capsule collection in Indigo with their new idea of fabric .The company believes that Paris is not only a  great platform to showcase  latest collection but also a very good opportunity to communicate with the consumers. The company introduced a very elegant garment ranging between 6Oz-10Oz which has been developed by using light weighted yarn and fabric .The company claims that this product will give a new interpretation to what formal denim suits could look like. This collection has been developed with Naveen by the renowned denim designer Mr Francois Girbaud !

An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Naveena can be seen below

Interview With Naveena | Denimsandjeans

Mr. Francois Girbaud speaks about the new collection of Naveena and denim direction in general  .

Naveena | DPV| Denimsandjeans

Hyosung | Korea

Hyosung Creora came to DPV with an idea to promote their garments having Bi-Stretch with 360 degree of comfort.

  • Fabric created with spandex developed by Creora with 40% walk way stretch using Ecosoft.
  • The another product was Highclo, which is a high chlorine resistance spandex which retains stretch ability of the garment tact even after heavy washes.

An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Hyosung  can be seen below

Interview With Hyosung | Denimsandjeans

Filatures Du Parc | France

The Spinning mill from France came up with an Innovation which is related with Production Of Recycled Yarn Made From Post Consumer Denim .  Talking broadly about this innovation, they explained us the process of recycling .Initially they collect denim wastes including stretch fabrics  and they are   they cut   into small pieces and fiber is extracted from it . The fibres are then blended with polyester and fibers  . The Polyester that they use is also a recycled polyester from plastic bottles. The Yarn that comes out is known as ECO JEANS – to focus on the sustainability part of the product. An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Filatures Du Parc can be seen below

Interview With Filatures Du Parc | Denimsandjeans

Calik Denim | Turkey

Calik Denim came up with its new Fix-Fit soft touch denims available in very light weight denims for both men and women.  Their other Hyperlight superlight and highly stretch denims weigh only 10oz and can reach up to 70% elasticity. An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Calik Denim can be seen below

Interview With Calik | Denimsandjeans

 US Denim Mills | Pakistan

100% stretchability with a very low growth is one key product from US Denim of Pakistan.  They also came out with self recyclable synthetic fiber that auto decomposes in 2 years as per the company – making the recycling of jeans a very easy affair. The key focus of the company has been high technology and sustainability.

Kuroki | Japan

An exclusive interview by Denimsandjeans with Legend Mr Tatsushita Kuroki  can be seen below

Kuroki | DPV | Denimsandjeans

Jeanologia | Japan

Jeanologia   presented their  Light Sensitive Fabric a new way of studying how a fabric can react to various treatments so that the manufacturer can plan for the same before hand.

DPV | DenimsandjeansDPV | DenimsandjeansDPV | Denimsandjeans

The Denim PV team had their own take at clubbing the trends seen during the show . We bring below some looks from the DPV team which they released shortly after the show.


The early summers going to be a great opportunity for sourcing and meeting all the global denim experts under one roof . Please block the dates of our Bangladesh & Vietnam Edition . The Bangladesh Edition will held on March 1-2 and The Vietnam Edition will be on June 7-8 . To get the invites , please register here.

Register | Denimsandjeans

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WWD article Touts Online Fashion Masters Degrees

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