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It’s a Reality: OptiTex Enables Total Integration 2D>3D>2D Fashion Product Development

The system is here that does it all – OptiTex integrates all of my apparel/textile retooling addictions into one application. The user can draft a computerized sloper into the PDS (Pattern Design System) that can be endlessly modified to include original styling lines. A grading table can be easily applied to adding multiple sizing to enable marker making.


Modulate is an interactive parametric, one-of-a-kind, made –to-measure software engine that is truly unique.. Each parametric style fits a particular set of dimensions that belong to specific people or represent particular manufacturing requirements.

The user can visualize each step in real time while defining the model. 

No need to print off the prototype pattern and assemble a muslin sample to fit on to a dress form. This system has 3D virtual avatar that take the place of traditional dress forms. The 3D virtual avatar sample size can be easily customized.


3D Runway designer is a 3D draping cloth simulation and modeling engine that enables textile designs to be applied to a specific type of fabric and draping, weight, volume, density, etc. properties of the fabric can be programmed in to simulate the real thing. This is used for garment draping and 3D visualization. The fabric is simulated on to the garment pattern and the model can be placed into static poses that can be captured from a 360 degree angle.

3D Runway Creator for Modulate enables the user to use a wide range of parametric avatar mannequins that have 40 adjustable body measurements.The potential client gets to see either a layout containing multiple front, back, side views or an animated runway scene with the fashion avatar wearing the fashion prototype “before it’s manufactured.” Once the client receives the video clip of the fashion prototype – they can easily request modifications to the design prototype.

This fully integrated 2D>3D>2D system can transform the fashion product development process by saving valuable development time. 

I always like to “push” new technology developments into the “what if” dreams. What if the 3D fashion avatars created with this system could someday be uploaded into a virtual world like say – Second Life? Fashion designers could develop new disigns and market them in SL and RL. SL designers would have an application that can easily make their SL fashions a reality for production.

Here are some links to OptiTex Videos

OptiTex is a company (along with MVM) at the forefront of virtual product development and retailing movement. The company has developed a number of high profile strategic partnerships some were mentioned in the MCPC 2007 entry.  One partnership of note is  Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style show on Bravo, and there will be a really major upcoming product release with Bernina called Bernina MyLabel. Click this link to view the new 3D fashion pattern software for home sewers called MyLabel This product will provide home sewers with a library of garment templates. The user will be able to input their measurements into the system and a customized 3D avatar representing the user will appear. The selected garment template will automatically adjust to the users measurements and a pattern can be printed out. This system will transform the home sewing market!

One last note – OptiTex just released a new virtual avatar called Adam. “Beginning in November, Adam will appear within OptiTex’s 3D new Version 10 3D modules and related applications, serving as a complement to Jasmine, the female 3D supermodel and a large family of boy, girl and baby avatars. ” To read the entire press release click here.

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    hey how do you download this onto your pc

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