Part I: The Roadmap; A Conversation with MVM’s Louise Guay

To begin, Louise Guay (Founding President of My Virtual Model) spoke about the MVM company road map as she put it. She explained that My Virtual Model
 started at the beginning in the B2C world, at the end of the nineties when it was very hard to shop online because the images were very poor. At that time shoppers could not try garments on. She perceived that customers wanted to see how they would look in the garments and they wanted to know how the garment size would look on their personalized figure. Many in the industry felt that the concept of personalization of the models would not work because they thought that customers only wanted to look at beautiful healthy model images

Louise stated that people are attracted to the MVM concept of image personalization and used the popularity of the reality shows as an example. “People love to see themselves as the center of attention,” she is right about that. People also were attracted to the concept of using the personalized model to lose weight and that represents positive self improvement.

At this point in the company history, retailers such as Sears asked MVM to use their technology the way Hollywood people create their set in 3D. Retailers that were working with MVM thought it would be great to create a showroom and then a planner for people to try on the products before they buy them. Soon afterward MVM extended the fashion products to include home décor which is in line with the MVM mission to create the standard for the virtual identity.

According to Louise, it’s  all about lifestyle.

Next Posting: Part II: MVM – 3D Virtual Product Development Workflow

  1. Ricardo Steyer
    October 15, 2008 at 4:06 am

    Great idea! I was thinking of something extremally near that. But when I saw Louise Guay’s interview at youtube I realize the time I have lost. Congratulations for the iniciative, and for create new forms for consumers to use the web for shopping. I’m waiting for new products!
    Ricardo Steyer, Advertising student, Porto Alegre, Brasil.

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