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Part I MVM in 2008 – Actively Seeking New Partnerships & Collaborations

January 29, 2008 2 comments

Exciting developments are continuing to evolve at MVM.
In mid-November, 2007 I posted a four part series of an interview I conducted with Louise Guay, president and founder of My Virtual Model.
In the Part III posting: Part III: MVM BrandME – A Social Shopping Virtual Identity Experience (SSVIE) Guay spoke of goals for MVM  to establish itself as a World Leader in virtual identity as well as for MVM to provide and enhance the real world’s shopping, personal management, and social experience in the digital world.
In the part IV posting: Part IV: MVM – Competitive Advantage in the Near Future (BrandME – Personal ID),   Guay spoke about the company adding BrandMe to Facebook as well as plans to enable the user to upload their face for their personalized virtual model. MVM announced the release of the of the Face application to their personalized virtual model  December 4th, 2007, [BrandMe I Am the Brand Introduces The Face]  
During the course of the interview in Part IV, Guay expressed MVM plans to integrate intuitive visual product searches into the BrandMe application. Guay stated that MVM is always open to establishing new partnerships that can result in a more expanded personalized shopping experience for the user.
Over the semester break, I contacted Ms. Guay to find out what other new applications and/or partnerships were going to be introduced in the near future. She was very excited and happy to share a preview with me illustrating MVM’s new partnership with  StyleFeeder – a bookmarking (personal shopping) fashion tool  that will substantially empower the user by expanding personalized user options and functions for the Dressing Room and Showroom BrandMe applications as well as offering a variety of personalized advertising and marketing enhancements for retailers. The current MVM agenda is virtual identity, personalization, user generated fashion lookbook creation, outfitting solution, social shopping and targeted advertisement.
For the user, MVM’s personalized BrandMe visual search functions will be dramatically expanded and the 3D personalized models will incorporate 2D items as well to enable the user to become an editor of their own personal fashion style lookbook. The integrated unique product search engines and personalized visual display and social sharing functions will empower the user to develop personalized outfitting visual display solutions to mix and match a variety of 2D and 3D fashion garments and accessories to create and share a unique personalized styling look. The art of fashion styling will be democratized so that every user can become the editor of their own online fashion magazine.
The goal for the MVM virtual model is for it to be totally user centric and at the same time invite additional brands to adopt BrandMe. New brands using the BrandMe application will have the capacity to reach a new demographic using these collaborative applications. The fashion style lookbook that can be developed using Dressing Room and Showroom can easily be placed on major publishers sites like i-village. Most important and empowering is that “any” user will be able to develop and create a variety of personalized visual display concepts that can easily be embedded on many social sites.

Next post: Part II MVM in 2008 –  Personalized Shopping Experiences That Connects Users and Advertisers

Fashion CAD OpenCourseWare Basic Function Series : Intro to Illustrator

January 21, 2008 2 comments

I have completed the second of a Basic Function audio/video series of Fashion CAD OpenCourseWare that will be available to anyone for non-commercial use.

Adobe Photoshop Level One Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Basic Function series

Level Two: Photoshop Functions (completed)

Adobe Illustrator Level One: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator Functions

Level Two: Illustrator Functions (completed)

Practice Assignments: Level One Adobe PS & ILL Basic Functions

Second Life Introduction to Second Life (in progress)

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