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IBM Presents The Future of Fashion Product Development & Shopping


Several months ago I mentioned an article titled, ” Will your SL wardrobe soon be coming to a closet near you?” by Scarlett Qi posted about her product development work in the SLNN Business News.

If you remember – Shenlei Winkler has been mentioned in previous posts relating to her activities at Prim & Proper in Second Life but also relating to her partnership with IBM in the virtual product development project. Shenlei Winkler is the Director of the Fashion Research Institute.

Here is a link to a great video relating to the virtual product development project Shenlei Winkler has been working on with IBM….
MUST WATCH VIDEO LINK>IBM Creates the Chic Accessory for Designers  In Tuesday’s Random Acts of Fashion, Kristin Bentz shows how IBM’s virtual technologies can cut down on design costs.

Shenlei Winkler demonstrating virtual PLM solution.


Shenlei invited me to see the virtual (PLM) solution area that is featured in the video – some images of the visit are posted here….it was quite impressive. There were costing sheets, color swatches, multiple color and pattern presentations, and a 3D fashion product that you avatar could see from all angles. could instantly be made to modify the color and pattern as well as the product itself. This is cost effective quick response at “virtual warp speed.” As the video above states this virtual “real time” product development process “reduces the cycle time, reduces the error rate and reduces the cost.”


A press release announced today (2/7/08) by IBM titled: New IBM Podcast Gives Listeners a Glimpse Into “The Future of Shopping,” has a podcast titled “The Future of Shopping,” the fourth episode in its 2008 series of conversations with thought leaders on how technology will change everyday life. Here is another link to the podcast announcement from MSN MONEY.

Here is another interesting IBM fashion-related video link. It’s part of IBM’s “immersive retailing experience.” This video is titled “IBM’s 3D Device Too Sexy for the Catwalk.” Talented Blonde Kristen Bentz shows you how IBM will bring the catwalk into your living room – changing the face of fashion and retail. Here is a link to a Retail Technology blog post about it.

Watch the videos and listen to the podcast …


Several months ago Shenlei gave several presentations at FIT in NY and Nyla Kazakoff from the House of Nyla and I also presented – but Nyla and I presented virtually from inside Second Life.

Here are link to Shenlei’s  posts titled:

Meet Shenlei Winkler aka: Shenlei Flasheart in Sl

Shenlei Winkler: Virtual Product Development

IBM & Apparel Retailers: Why advocacy matters to retailers


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