OptiTex#2: FIT Technology

From a product development perspective, the dress form avatar/mannequin is the most important element in a creation of the garment, this is where the measurements are determined and the final look and feel helps determine whether the garment really fits or not. According to Yoram Burg, President of OptiTex, initially the market did not accept the virtual prototyping so openly only two years ago.

Modulate is a critical part of the OptiTex solution to developing accurate fit.
The application is a unique interactive, parametric, one of a kind, made-to-measure software engine. Each parametric style fits a particular set of dimensions that belong to specific people or represent particular manufacturing requirements. This enables brands to develop their own individual and customized set of sizing standards based on the targeted brand market user.

Dispite the advancements in technology, there still was initial skepticism with regards to avatars accurately reflecting real life (RL) measurements. OptiTex technology has come a long way since then and additional new technology developments as well as creative and strategic partnerships and/or linkages with companies, developers and educational institutions have made customers realize [and experience for themselves] that a well designed avatar/mannequin and a well designed multi-dimensional product for manufacture as well as marketing is something that is based on accurate information and the highest quality rendering/annimation/cloth engines.

The benefits of using 3D avatar/ mannequins for fashion product development are perfect fit, mass customization, cost effectiveness for design, development, prototyping and e-commerce marketing.

3D Customized Avatar/ Mannequins


A variety of well-designed accurate 3D avatar/ mannequins and customized accessories are continually being developed at Optitex. The company is actively seeking partnerships with makers of widely used industry forms to develop specialized plug-ins that will replicate avatar/ mannequins for well known industry forms such as Alvaform. [pictured below]


The 3D avatar/ mannequins currently under development have a wide range of body types and represent many age groups. The are fat and muscular controls [pictured above] as well as advanced posture controls [pictured below].



Individual companies can choose to develop their own customized set of avatar/ mannequins [based on their targeted brand customer] by having their fit models input their body scans into the OptiTex system. [example of body scan input pictured below]



Body scan data can be set to be linked into the OptiTex application.


Annimated FIT Technology

The OptiTex application will also be introducing animated FIT technology (above video) in V10 in 2008. This animated FIT technology enables the user to animate the custom sized avatar/ mannequin while wearing the custom designed garment and visually analyze the garment fit during wearer movements.

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  1. Sandra Kegg
    October 24, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    which city & state have this available to get sized correctly?

  2. November 25, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Perhaps you are interested in Bernina MYLABEL – it is a FIT solution application that Bernina and OptTtex partners on.

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