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Avatars for Weight Loss and Exercise?

Avatars for Weight Management and Exercise Update – July 23, 2012

In a past post [ Part 3: Avatars for Retail Marketing? It’s Not Only Coming – it’s Here!]  I have mentioned that My Virtual Model [MVM] has developed a Weight Loss Simulator that is very popular with users. Current The MVM Weight Loss Simulator can be accessed here MVM Weight Loss link.

MVM: My Virtual Model Update – July 9th, 2012

Jessica’s Weight Loss Page is a true testament to the positive influence that the use of avatars for weight loss have. Jessica lost 140 pounds and promotes the free Weight Loss Simulator that was available in Prevention Magazine. Make sure you visit Jessica’s Weight Loss Page to check out her Virtual Weight Loss Model.  This user lost 80 pounds and used the MVM Weight Loss Avatar to help inspire her to continue!
According to Gregory Saumier-Finch from My Virtual Model, “The most popular use for products are for those that are hard to try-on instore, most notably swimwear and jeans.”

 Avatars are positively used to inspire weight loss but exercise? Is it possible? Well check out today’s NY Times ” Fitness for Every Body – O.K., Avatar, Work With Me,” article by By Seth Schiesel [05/15/ 2008]. The article has multiple reviews about Wii Fit Nintendo’s latest product targeting the home fitness market. According to Schiesel,

“Nintendo’s latest brainchild, Wii Fit, could send similar ripples through the home-fitness market. Scheduled to be released in North America next week, Wii Fit is not meant to replace a gym. But in a world of $3,000 elliptical machines and $150-an-hour personal trainers, it has at least a chance of becoming a global, affordable, mass-market interactive home-fitness system. (On its overseas debut last month, it became one of the fastest-selling games ever in Britain.)”

When I saw the release of the original Wii I wondered how long it would take Nintendo to figure out that this would present an exercise/physical movement option that is fun and enjoyable to many. The author provided the Wii Fit to an assorted group of product reviewers [ Multitasker, Sweat Hound, Fitness Professional and Yoga Master] and provides their detailed feedback and conclusions about using the product.

In a nutshell the Multitasker really liked it and thought it was like an interactive exercise game. The Sweat Hound who s a regular at the gym was quite impressed with it for those that cannot or do not want to go to the gym regularly. The fitness Professional – really liked it and concluded it would e a good tool for those that cannot make it to the gym.The fitness professional agreed with my instant deduction that this would be an excellent tool for seniors. Here is a link to an article [05/15/2008] by Mike Snider from USA Today titled , Wii finds home in retirement communites, medical centers.” that focuses on the senior market. The Yoga Master was not exceptionally impressed because yoga is a mind/body activity and the Wii Fit focuses on body. The Couch Potato’s concluded it was like a game with a big variety of activities, it encourages you to do more but nothing replaces good old fashioned motivation. The bottom line was that the overall reviews were very positive about this new Wii Fit that incorporates avatars into home exercise. Here is a link to the video on NY Times.

“The system costs $90, plus $250 for the basic Wii console. It uses a television and a sensitive “balance board” placed on the floor to present a few dozen activities, from push-ups to yoga, to more entertaining challenges like balance games and aerobic contests. Nintendo is not aiming Wii Fit at people with a serious exercise regimen. Rather, it is meant to appeal to the person busy with work and family who just wants to have fun getting a little toned at home.”

Anything that inspires us to move more is WELCOME!

Who is the creator of this innovative product? Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of iconic Nintendo mascot Mario. You can read about him in USA Today in an article titled,” Designer Miyamoto makes video games pulse with life, by Mike Snider [05/15/2008].

Link to another article in Time by Anita Hamilton titled, “Weighing Wii Fit: Serious Fun,” 05/14/2008.

Here is a video of the Wii Fit on Good Morning America.

This review video is pretty good the user works with the Wii Fit.

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Genesee Community 2008 Fashion Show:“So-Ooh”

Note: The guest review for this show is presented by Samantha Seccombe. Samantha is a Fashion Technology Apparel Design major who also happens to be a GCC Fashion Alumni. She designed and created garments for one of the scenes [pictured below]. The image above is Dr. Emine Ercan, Apparel Design Professor from Buffalo State College, Samantha Seccombe and Professor Rick Dudkowski, Director of the Fashion Merchandising at Genesee Community College [GCC].

Samantha Seccombe\'s Fashion Collection



So-Ooh Fabulous
By: Samantha Seccombe

 Last Saturday night [4/26/08] marked the 27th annual fashion show at Genesee Community College in Batavia, New York.  The show was entitled “So-Ooh” (some wordplay on the classic New York City destination, Soho).  The director of the fashion program, Mr. Richard Dudkowski, taught his second year fashion students how to put together an entire fashion show.  The students mixed their own music, found sponsors to donate or loan out clothes (or enlisted fashion designers such as myself), hand picked their own models, and coordinated their scenes.

 Samantha Seccombe collection on stageI had designed the clothing for the first scene [pictured to the right] entitled “Oh So Tempting”, coordinated by student, Samantha Gould.  Through attending her Wednesday night fashion show practices, I saw how Samantha taught her models to walk down the runway and set their pace to our music mix.  Backstage at the show, I saw firsthand how much work and planning goes into one day of entertainment.  There were practice shows to make sure that everyone was prepared, hair and makeup being applied every which way, and getting models dressed.  Models who were in multiple scenes rushed to change outfits.

There were two performances of the fashion show; one at three pm and another at seven pm.  There were ten or so scenes in the show, each coordinated by different students.  Several scenes were truly spectacular, with excellent music and gorgeous clothing.  All of the scenes were good, but some stood out as more creative and imaginative than others.  Some of the clothing was what you see people wearing in everyday life and some scenes had clothing with a couture feel.  All in all, I think that the show lived up to everyone’s expectations and that it was clear that some of the students have mass potential and will graduate to become true fashion mavericks.


 Notes from Finn1 FLintlock:  
Mr. Richard Dudkowski is the director of the Fashion Program at GCC. He has done an absolutely outstanding job with production of this show. It’s hard to believe these are second year students producing this show!

They did not miss a thing – multiple areas of the college participated in making this show an exceptional event!  Students were really into making this an event to remember – and they succeeded!

One of the many unique features in this years show at Genesee Community College was the So Ooh Gallery Girl Wearable art inspired dresses scene. Courtney Paige, from Albany, NY, designed all her own dresses. Five different, canvas-painted dresses were modeled that were truly works of creative art. I noted that it was unique because the program at GCC is for Fashion Merchandising not fashion design but this collection of handpainted dresses by Ms. Paige was exceptional!

A quote from Professor Dudkowski:

“It has been a pleasure for me to teach such talented students in the Fashion program at Genesee for the past 24 years.  My goal is to help direct and coach my advisees so they are prepared for the ever-changing and demanding careers in the fashion industry. By requiring students to produce a fashion show gives them the hands-on experience that enhances what they are studying in the classroom.  Other people have noticed how important this production has become since  I have recently been selected as a recipient of the New York State Chancellor’s award for Excellence in Scholarship & Creative Activities.  This award was given because of the consistent creative production of this annual fashion show.  With a total attendance of 1,155 people this year, it has grown to become Western New York’s largest fashion show! ”

  • Click HERE to Nate Oaksford Photo Gallery of the show.
  • Click HERE to to see gallery photos.
  • Click HERE to images from the Manhattan Socialite scene.
  • Click HERE to read an article about the show.

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