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Register for Online Adobe Pattern Development for Industry

June 23, 2008 3 comments

[UPDATE: CLICK HERE  for tenative course content]

This Adobe Pattern Development for Industry class was developed after a specialized custom course development request I received from a well known global retailer several years ago. I developed and taught it to designers that had a variety of CAD backgrounds that needed to know how to use off-the-shelf CS to develop and prepare designs for industry.

This course prepares students and/or professionals techniques to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to develop, separate, clean and recolor graphics and pattern repeats [that are ready for production] for a variety of fashion products.

It is an excellent course for expansion of Adobe skills for a specialized production end use.


A basic knowledge of introductory functions of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are necessary to successfully complete this course. OpenCourseWare videos with audio  are available: Level One: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Functions  and Level One: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator Functions

If you are interested in registering for this online college credit course FTT304 (1439) – please contact Buffalo State College Admissions. If you want to apply for college credit to be transfered out or do not want college credit – register as a non-matriculated student. Contact me if you have a problem registering.

Here is a LINK to some student work from several years ago.
Course Code:  FTT304-1439
Offered by:  Buffalo / University College
Taught by:  Elaine Polvinen
Credits:  3

Course Description:
Creation of original motifs for printed fashion fabrics that are marketable for women’s, men’s, or children’s wear; professional methods of transforming media into digital format to separate, clean, develop basic repeats, and color combinations using Adobe Creative Suite based on awareness of current trends, color impact, marketability, and industry standards.

  • Design and development of colors, prints, and fabric simulations.
  • Re-coloring and designing of prints, plaids, stripes – a variety of patterns.
  • Scanning and cleaning up prints to assist with executing a specific number of screens.
  • Execution of flat and tonal color separations.
  • Creation of a variety of repeats patterns in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Creation of print and color chips for manufacturer spec packages.
  • Creation of mini-boards for client presentations.

FTT 208 or instructor permission [student needs to have an introductory knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to successfully complete this course.] CS, CS2 or CS3 of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop will work for this class. You can locate educational pricing HERE.


I am also offering a College Level Intro to Virtual Fashion in Second Life [fall 08′]

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Virtual Fashion – What is it?

June 18, 2008 5 comments

Shenlei Winkler (aka: Shenlei Flashart in SL] has an excellent post titled, “Avatar Apparel vs. the Real Apparel Industry,” clarifying the differences between what FRI [Fashion Research Institute]  terms, virtual fashion that is designed specifically for virtual worlds and gaming and the “1.7 trillion USD apparel industry.”

Actually it’s even becoming even more confusing then Shenlei mentions because the global apparel industry is now transitioning over to multi dimensional product development applications like Optitex [in the video below & see previous posts] that will empower the industry to develop in virtual 3D digital format [using virtual avatars] from square one.

So the term “virtual fashion” can refer to fashion developed specifically for end use in the the virtual world or fashion that is developed “virtually” via a multi dimensional application or “in the virtual world” for the real world global apparel industry. To add to the confusion 🙂 I  have developed a totally in world Introduction to Virtual Fashion online college course that prepares real world students of fashion to think, create, develop and work together and communicate in a virtual world setting. Register for College Level Intro to Virtual Fashion in SL [fall 08′] I believe that an application like Second Life provides fashion education programs with the tools to teach students a specialized (fashion) conceptual skill set from working in a 3D virtual reality environment that is free and open access for all fashion programs. Gaining these introductory virtual skills will begin to prepare students for emerging employer expectations relating to 3D conceptualization.

Some real life fashion designers like Nyla from the House of Nyla design and create one of a kind real world fashions and replicate them for virtual sales in a virtual world like Second Life.


House Of Nyla


And then there are the real life fashion designers like KOZMARA that create real world fashions using a multi dimensional product development application like Optitex that enables virtual development of a real world garment that can be easily manufactured.


What Shenlei is developing with IBM is real world apparel production design and development in a virtual world setting – this is really quite exciting and it takes a bit just to wrap your brain around it but once you do it leads to endless possibilities!

Shenlei goes on to describe how virtual fashion for end use in a virtual world is often developed in a 3D application like Photoshop or Illustrator and is never actually manufactured so the designer does not have to conform to a variety of size, trend, quality, production and time constraints.

She continues with a comparison of funds generated by the gaming industries and the global apparel industries. In her post, she eloquently details the four years of dedicated highly focused multi-faceted cross training involved in preparation to become a fashion designer in today’s global fashion industry.

All of these real world production details that a fashion design student must gain an understanding of are not required for a virtual fashion designer that designs specifically for the virtual gaming worlds. As Shenlei states, “the realities of manufacturability and wearer’s comfort are not even a consideration.”

Her blog post explains that the FRI research is not about fashion designing for the virtual world but working “in” and using virtual worlds to develop real world apparel for manufacture. FRI is,”focused on helping the apparel industry to cut its time to market, slash its development costs, reduce its carbon footprint, and enhance its profitability and revenue opportunities.”  FRI is, “using virtual worlds to insulate designers from technology and to enable them to focus on design.”

The real world apparel industry product development research that FRI is conducting is exceptionally exciting and has the potential to have a transformational impact on the global apparel industry. Anyone involved in the real world apparel industry is welcome to visit the Fashion Research Institute [FRI] in SL.  The FRI has made available new resident avatar kits in the welcome area of the FRI corporate sim complex in Second Life tm Shengri La. Here is a link to Shenlei’s post titled “Beautiful People….”

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Shengri La Events in SL: Prim & Proper Finale & Butterflys

Prim & Propers final sale is going on now and will be ending June 21st. The proceeds for the sale will go to Relay For Life. Here is a link to Shenlei’s post, titled, Prim & Proper Final Sale to Benefit Relay For Life.” I visited a few days ago and it was very busy with avatars looking for Shenlei’s exquisite fashions.

Shenlei’s blog has loads of images from a “great large-scale immersive 3D event in virtual worlds in the Fashion Research Institute’s Shengri La sims in Second Life. “The post is titled,” OpenSim Supporters from IBM and Microsoft Rave On in Shengri La.”

If you missed the Rave on Shengri La – don’t worry you still have a chance to participate in the Midsummer’s Day Ode Butterfly Hunts in Shengri La, Saturday June 21st. You will have to hunt down the butterfys to locate Random Calliope’s Ode jewelry set. This jewelry is famous and has many collectors. Not all the butterflys have the jewelry – if they do the butterfly catcher receives it so it may take the catching of several butterflys before you hit the Ode jewelry jackpot. The butterfly hunters will have five sims of paradise to hunt butterflys on. You right mouse click on the fluttering butterflys to try to catch them… good luck!

On June 21, Shenlei Winkler [aka Shenlei Flashart] from the Fashion Research Institute,  will be hosting an Ode hunt in the morning in honor of Midsummer’s Eve.

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Register for College Level Intro to Virtual Fashion in SL [fall 08′]

I will be accepting students for my first totally in-world Introduction to Virtual Fashion in Second Life class. Students can register for credit or non-credit. I have been teaching fashion in Second Life for three semesters now st Buffalo State College as a Web enhanced course. I am working over the summer to develop this special course so it can be taught totally online on ANGEL and inworld in Second Life.

This course will require very basic level one introductory Photoshop and Illustrator skills.

Here is a link to my OpenCourseWare Level One Photoshop functions

Here is a link to my OpenCourseWare Level One Illustrator functions

Course Name: FTT495: Intro to Virtual Fashion in Second Life

Semester: fall 2008
Credit Hours: 3  credits 
Catalog no.: 3347
Location of class Buffalo State Island in Second Life and ANGEL online course

Days: TR 7PM-10PM EST on BSC island in SL 
Instructor’s Name: Elaine Polvinen aka Finn1 FLintlock

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn the basics of the 3D world of Second Life. Learn how to navigate, communicate with others and create fashion related projects. Introductory multi-disciplinary skills for 3D virtual fashion design, brand development, presentation and fashion show production. Research projects focusing on incorporating 2D into 3D conceptualization in Second Life.

Prerequisites: Basic introductory skills with Photoshop and Illustrator. You are required to already have established an Avatar in Second Life and to have worked through orientation island. Second Life is a free application that must be downloaded and installed on your computer. Download Second Life HERE. Information about hardware requirements for Second Life can be located on the download page. Any version of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop will work for this class.


At the completion of the Virtual Fashion CAD Project student will demonstrate introductory:

  • 3D virtual organizational skills.
  • 3D virtual creative Thinking skills
  • 3D virtual visual Communication skills
  • 3D virtual multi-tasking skills.
  • 3D virtual creative Problem solving skills
  • 3D virtual collaborative skills
  • 3D virtual technology skills.
  • 3D virtual presentation skills
  • 3D virtual Market trend research skills
  • Flexibility to link existing and learn new concepts.
  • Skills for working and strategizing completion of various assignments in a multiple 3D virtual reality settings.
  • Skills for 3D virtual fashion garment development.
  • Skills for 3D virtual fashion garment presentation and product packaging.
  • Development of a 3D virtual fashion collection.
  • 3D virtual fashion show production videos
  • Web 2.0 skills

If you are interested in registering for this online college credit course FTT495 (3347) – please contact Buffalo State College Admissions

Here is a link to student fashion collections and shows from a spring 2007 SL project.


Here is a link to another online course offering this fall ’08 Register for Online Adobe Pattern Development for Industry

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