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Introduction to Fashion Technologies

January 31, 2010 2 comments

Last week was the first week of spring semester, it was also drop/add week at Buffalo State College. Fashion classes are  filled to capacity and all fashion students seem settled in for the semester with their schedules.

I am teaching several sections of Introduction to Fashion Technologies. In this class students all get introductory experiences with MS WORD, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The goal is for them to attain a comfort level using these off-the-shelf programs for fashion related projects such as introductory employment, customer and trend research and reports, client presentations, product development, costing and specification sheets.

Gaining experience and skills using a variety of widely used off-the-shelf applications will strategically position fashion students for additional directly or indirectly related career path options.

Digital Surface Design – and Printing

January 23, 2010 4 comments

As you may [or may not know] every fall I offer an Adobe Pattern Development for industry class. In a nutshell,  students learn how to use off the shelf Adobe applications like Photoshop and Illustrator to learn a variety of repeat development techniques. For example in Photoshop students learn all the traditional repeat development techniques as well as color separation and cleaning, recoloring, faux tonal separations, simulated recoloring of repeats for client presentations, and recoloring of photographs. In Illustrator we cover traditional repeat development techniques and multiple colorway development.  Students learn how to prepare the print to fit on to a print cylinder and to create layouts that include multiple colorways. This link   provides an overview of what is covered in the class. 

Because our fabric printer is no longer operable, our class has been searching for a contact to print their designs on to fabric.  The students decided to try the services of Karma Kraft  Here is a link to a blog posting titled, “My Big Digital Fabric Printing Experiment”  Several digital printing service companies products are compared in this posting. 

The class loved working with Scott Jefferies and Susan Lu from Karma Kraft, we look forward to working with them again in the future. Scott and Susan are both experienced textile designers. This means that they really have an in-depth expertise in fabric design and knowledge of the different qualities of base fabrics.  Scott assures everyone that the fabric you receive will be of the highest quality.  He would appreciate any suggestions and comments. You can contact Karma Kraft directly here 

Scott Jefferies

Scott Jefferies is quite an interesting person. Before his textile days he was in a rock band called Confessor  touring Europe and recording albums.  He is also an abstract painter in his spare time.  You can see some of his paintings on the Karma Kraft Flickr Photostream here.  There also are pictures of designs others have printed with Karma Kraft!!  There is a Karma Kraft Group where designers can post anything creative they have designed to sort of promote themselves and that link is here.  Students are encouraged to join the group to promote themselves and their work. 

Susan Lu

Susan Lu was employed in the textile division for an exporting company in the past where she experienced working  with different fabric/yarns and products, she gained vast exposure to high quality designs from all over the world. Susan states that she is very fulfilled with her work at Karma Kraft because more than anything she enjoys seeing an unlimited array of designs.  She receives much pleasure delighting people’s life by providing them fabric reproductions of their own designs. 

These images  are from several students the last day of class last December when students presented the work they completed in class. The student to the left printed out fabric swatches of her class work. Each student presented a PowerPoint of their work in addition to color prints of the designs they created in class. Several students ordered fabric samples of some of their class work from Karma Kraft. 

The student to the left here developed quilt designs to be printed for her final project.  The student to the right had one of her class designs printed to make decorative pillows. 


I will provide more information about how the Karma Kraft services work and why the students chose them  in the next blog posting.

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