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OptiTex at Buffalo State College Update

July 8, 2010 1 comment

We have successfully integrated the OptiTex multidimensional application at Buffalo State college. The company is wonderful to work with. We had to integrate the application first with 2d only due to the initial hardware limitations in our lab. The students had no trouble learning the 2D applications but they were anxious to work on the 3D aspects of the OptiTex system. 


Our OptiTex instructor, David Brinson has been preparing for full integration of the 3D aspects this coming fall 2010.  According to David,  his goal “was to see if there were any limitations  to the program. It ‘s based on a virtual gravity field that the operator can control. The operator must place the pattern pieces so they will drape over the areas where clothing naturally hangs on the body.”

I am attaching some OptiTex draping images that he has created this summer from 2D patterns. The fashion students at Buffalo State college are very fortunate to have an opportunity to work on this exceptional  multidimensional application.

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