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Transition a Company to OptiTex

August 13, 2010 4 comments

Transitioning over to OptiTex can position a company on the leading edge of Technology.  A multidimensional easy to learn Windows based application like OptiTex can shorten the development time and expand communication and collaboration between product development team members.

Destination Maternity’s New CAD System is a Perfect Fit by Stacey Kusterbeck, Apparel Contributing Writer  is an article about a the Destination Maternity company (NASDAQ:DEST) that tested various CAD systems before settling on the Optitex system. Implementation of the system in the company was swift and seamless. “The company designs everything from bras to swimsuits to wedding gowns, for its brands A Pea in the Pod, A Pea in the Pod Collection, and Motherhood Maternity, sold at more than 1,000 retail locations and online.”

Mari Alessi-Kowalski, director of technical design stated that “To be able to switch out of the old technology in a relatively painless process, and increase the pattern skills and confidence in such a short period of time, is pretty amazing.”

The article details the process of a company first researching and testing applications  to locate the most advanced pattern and marker making application and then shifting over to the new system without affecting the production process. The company is now in the stage of integrating the 3D aspects of the Optitex multidimensional application into the product development process.

A quote from the article relative to 3D Technology”

“Team members can review and approve product faster, because the initial sample starts out in a better place. “It could prevent the need to sew two or three additional fit/drape samples per style. That would mean a savings of two or more weeks in any given production cycle,” says Alessi-Kowalski.

Alessi-Kowalski sees being ahead of the curve with 3D as a big competitive advantage. “More and more companies are adopting 3D technology to speed up the lifecycle of their product,” she says. “Probably in the next 10 years, fitting virtually will be done in most large apparel environments.”

From a training and development perspective, team members have much more opportunity to grow and refine their CAD skill set in OptiTex than they could in the prior system. “The sky’s the limit for them,” says Alessi-Kowalski. “Switching our CAD system and adopting 3D technology was a step in the right direction for the future. “”

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