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Buffalo Loves Cotton Surface Design Project

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

As I mentioned in the last post, I have started a new blog that features the work of fashion students in my Adobe CS5 classes. The work will be from my Adobe Surface Design for Industry class and my FashionCAD classes. I try to incorporate a variety of special projects in the classes as well as continually upgrade on skills sets.

The post below focus on the Adobe Surface Design for Industry Buffalo Loves Cotton project from fall 2010 but do no include all student work. The major presentation  projects students completed are include on the individual Web galleries that students created as part of the class. Their gallery links are provided. They also had weekly skill set assignments, many are listed on the tentative course content link.

I encourage everyone to help us select the best 10-12 fabric pattern design from the Buffalo Loves Cotton project. We will have the best designs printed on to fabric and students in spring 2011 classes will create garments from the fabric.

  • Buffalo Loves Cotton: FTT304 Student Concepts
  • Buffalo Loves Cotton T-Shirt Graphic Contest
  • Buffalo Loves Cotton Print Design Voting
  • Buffalo Loves Cotton Adobe Class Project
  • What is the Buffalo State Loves Cotton Project?

    Once the voting for the best fabric design ends on 1/1/11, I will upload the Buffalo Loves Cotton projects completed by the FashionCAD class.

    FashionCAD sp10′ Student Gallery

    December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

    Sorry for my absence – now that fall 2010 semester has ended I will try to catch up by posting some new material. I will start off with providing you with a link to some students work from my spring 2010 FashionCAD class. I just started a new blog specifically to spotlight fashion student work in my Adobe classes as Buffalo State College.

    CLICK HERE to visit the FashionCAD sp10′ Student Gallery

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