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2D/3D Fashion Product Development Prototype Flamingo Pua I

This fashion product development product prototype project was specifically developed by Elaine Polvinen, MFA & Dr. Lynn Boorady, Buffalo State College, USA to incorporate a visual exotic Hawaiian theme into a series of real world garments and to experiment and explore integrating multiple 2D and 3D development techniques. Applications used for development of this series were Adobe Creative Suite [Photoshop & Illustrator], OptiTex and CLO3D.



The inspiration for the Flamingo Pua Series is a synthesis of the simplicity and beauty of the anthurium plant. The simplicity of the early Hawaiian holoku and muu’muu garments also provided an additional inspiration for the simple shapes of the 100% cotton jersey garment series.


The project began with visual research and development of 2D visuals of the anthurium, color, garment silhouette and styling trend research as well as research into the historical  development of the early Hawaiian holoku garment and Hawaiian fashion. According research conducted by Arthur (1997) the hawaiian holoku originated as a loose gown for everyday wear. Her research states twentieth century “Lingerie-style holokeq \o(u,-)  were made in cottons such as muslin, batiste and dimity, and had a straighter silhouette than previously.” The Hawaiian muu’muu was a loose fitting , shorter informal version of the holoku.  The word muu’ muu means “cut off” because it lacked a yoke.

Information about Hawaiian shirts an dresses can be located here and here.

Next post: 2D/3D Fashion Product Development Prototype flamingo Pua II – color palette, print pattern and garment sketch development.

note: If you are an educator and have a 2D/3D apparel/textile product development prototype project that either you or your student(s) created and would like to share with readers of this blog, please contact me at polvinem@buffalostate.edu

copyright © 2012 by Elaine Polvinen all rights reserved.

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