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CLO3D Student Virtual Fashion Collection Projects


The student projects posted here represent an optional CLO3D project that was part of a 4 week CLO3D module that was part of an Adobe FashionCAD class. No garment pattern skills or pattern making prerequisites are required for this class. Some apparel design and product development students are mixed in with fashion merchandising, fashion/textile design technology.

CLO3D was used exclusively as a fashion product visualization tool to view the 2D fashion product line concepts they created earlier in the semester in a 3D environment.

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The specific challenge for this optional project was to develop CLO3D virtual representations [6] to match a previous 2D fashion product development class assignment that included concept,description, color, fabric, print pattern and line boards. They were to develop the garments , create CLO3D layouts illustrating different viewpoints and a CLO3D animation for each garment.

Examples of other  student virtual fashion collection projects:

Cara Walsemann: The Flow of Nature Collection

Ebenezer Baawuah: Earthlistic Collection

Previous CLO3D post: CLO3D Student Virtual Fashion Concept Visualization Project

note: If you are an educator and have a 2D/3D apparel/textile product development prototype project that either you or your student(s) created and would like to share with readers of this blog, please contact me at polvinem@buffalostate.edu

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