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Blog postings by Kerry King, Director of Product Development and Sustainability Initiatives at [TC]2

I am listing some resource blog postings relating to 2D/3D digital product development and digital textile printing,  authored primarily by Kerry King, [] Director of Product Development and Sustainability Initiatives at [TC]2, Textile Clothing technology Corporation.

Kerry is currently Manager of Product Development and Sustainability Initiatives for [TC]2.  She is responsible for managing applied research and consulting opportunities in areas related to new product development, garment fit and sizing, application of digital textile printing and 3D garment development technologies, and investigation of technology systems that support sustainability for product development and textile coloration.

Kerry oversees the operation of [TC]2’s digital print service and is a recognized speaker and author in the digital textile printing field.  She is a senior member of AATCC for which she currently chairs the Printing Technology Committee and participates in the Concept 2 Consumer interest group as well as the Editorial Advisory Board.

source: Cotton Revolutions Technology Blog

This is an article by Sally Aitken  titled: Sustainable Digital Printing Technology. It summarizes the services offered at TC2, the Textile Clothing technology Corporation such as the Inkdrop Printing Service.

To Brand Developers: Educational Researcher Seeking Plus Size Design/Patternmaking/Sizing Expertise


Plus size clothing is such a large target market in this country yet very few people in academics have researched apparel specifically for plus sizes.  Only a handful of colleges/universities offer classes for designing, patterning and manufacturing apparel for plus sizes and these usually are under enrolled.Why is there such a disconnect?  I would like to try and close this gap in knowledge by writing an article pertaining to designing for the plus size (female) target market aimed at academicians.

Specifically, I would appreciate it if I could interview you to learn more about the industry.  Some of the questions I currently have include:

  • What do you feel are the key issues regarding design of plus sized apparel?
  • Do you take into account for the different body shapes of the plus size consumer? If so, how is this accomplished?
  • Did you develop your own sizing and what is a typical size break / grade?
  • Are there certain styles that you feel look better on your target market? Are there some styles you don’t think look good? Why do you think these styles are more/less successful?
  • What do you feel are some future trends for plus size clothing?

I am very flexible on dates/times if someone would be so kind as to agree to speak to me. Our conversation can be as confidential as you feel comfortable with – I can either give credit to you by mentioning your name/company next to all the information I use or I can keep you out of the spotlight so that no information can be traced back to you. Or it can be a combination of these as you  see fit for your business needs.

I would like to get this article written by mid-August so drop me an email by the end of July so that we can communicate: