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Who says you can’t go home again?

K’Nex Connects to the Chinese Market

July 22, 2013 –  

Maker, innovator, and now global retailer K’Nex, is officially going back to China…for sales.KNEX_Ferris1_B000GH2SG6

You remember K’Nex. Those construction toys that you played with as a kid, that kept you building everything from planes, trains and automobiles to massive roller coasters, for hours on end?

The company just launched its latest project, with the help ofExport Now, an online platform that helps U.S. companies tap the growing demand for American-made products in China. This marks the company’s first official efforts at cashing in on China’s ever-growing e-commerce market.

Though the past years have marked the brand’s efforts to migrate manufacturing the toys to the U.S.A. (where now 95% of the construction toys are made), the brand is looking back to China, in hopes of significantly expand its online retail footprint.

July 9th marked the brand’s first official presence on China’s mainland through Tmall.com, China’s monster business-to-consumer website.

“We believe our strong combination of ‘Angry Birds,’ ‘Mario Kart’ and ‘Super Mario Brothers’ licenses, coupled with the core K’NEX brand, will resonate well with consumers in China,” said Michael Araten,President and CEO, K’Nex Brands, in a statement.”Export Now is the right partner to help us, with its strong marketing strategy and launch plan for the Chinese market.”

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