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The Quick and Relatively Painless Guide to Your Academic Job Search




Letter from the Editor

More than a year ago, as The Chronicle was building Vitae, we set out to create a home for frank advice on the increasingly tricky task of building an academic career. Naturally, one of the very first people we turned to was Karen Kelsky. After all, the first step to building an academic career is landing a compelling job. And it’s hard to think of anyone more qualified to assist with that process than Karen. Through her business, The Professor Is In, she’s advised countless graduate students and junior faculty members on how to navigate the perilous waters of the job search. Karen does something that’s simple but rare: She talks candidly about academic labor, warts and all. That’s what we’ve tried to do on Vitae: Our news, advice, and commentary on the experience of working—or looking for work—in and around academia aims to be honest, helpful, and, when appropriate, entertaining. Karen’s weekly Vitae column checks off all of those boxes. If you only know Vitae through the news and advice, or if you aren’t familiar with it at all, here’s a quick primer. It’s an online community built expressly for students, faculty, and administrators who are looking to make their careers in and around higher ed more successful and rewarding. We’d like to invite you to check us out online. Creating a free account will allow you to explore our dossier-management tool, search out colleagues, follow authors, and receive our weekly email digest of news and advice. Thanks, and good luck making your career work for you.

Brock Read Editor Vitae.

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