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CAREERS IN MEDIA TECHNOLOGY at Stanford University Online

Jay LeBoeuf

Guest Lecturers

Hart Shafer, Brook Reeder, Jon Odo, Jeannie Yang, Stacey Messier, Dave Tremblay, Brian Desmond, Craig Hanson, & Peter Green


Careers in Media Technology explores how leading audio, music, and video technology companies, such as Sonos, Adobe, Smule, Dolby, iZotope, Universal Audio, and Avid, bring products from idea to market. We examine best practices, roles, day-to-day responsibilities, desired skill sets, and department/team function.

After completing Careers in Media Technology, students should…

1. Know the leading companies involved in the media technology industry.

2. Understand the goals, responsibilities, and daily life of a software, engineer, UI/UX designer, product manager, and program manager in industry.

3. Understand how teams collaborate to conceive, design, and commercialize new software and hardware products.

4. Understand what hiring managers look forward in new interns and full-time hires.


This course is intended for all students considering full-time positions or internships in the media technology industry. No prior engineering background required. Topics include: Introduction to the music and media technology industry, Product Management, Program Management, User Experience and Software Engineering.


Session 1: Overview
This session takes you behind-the-scenes into how the media technology industry really works. We’ll provide a high-level overview of the media technology industry – focusing on the music technology space! We introduce a variety of roles in industry and explore the types of companies available for your future careers.
Session 2: Product Management
We’ll look at how media technology companies develop products that consumers love. How do they determine what new products to develop? Or what the new features are? Who makes those decisions? And how do I get to be that person!
Session 3: Program Management
Program management is the secret to helping you deliver on time, on budget, in a scalable, repeatable manner! We’ll introduce the Agile methodologies used to help companies like Adobe coordinate a product release with over 1,000 team members and millions of lines of code. Students will learn the key traits of a program manager or scrum master.
Session 4: User Experience
With computing everywhere we go – smart phones, tablets, browser and cloud, desktop, and hardware – product design is everywhere we look. We explore how designers approach the layout, look and feel, and implementation of some of your favorite mobile apps and software. Our mentors provide advice on getting jobs in this competitive space!
Session 5: Software Engineering
Applications like Pro Tools and iZotope RX are used by professionals all around the world – and they need to be easy to use and almost crash-proof. How do software engineers manage millions of lines of code, written over 10 years, with dozens of engineers continuously modifying, updating, and creating new functionality across Windows, OS X, about about 10 plug-in formats? We conclude by offering advice for aspiring software engineers.


Learning Outcomes

Below you will find an overview of the Learning Outcomes you will achieve as you complete this course.

Would you like to enroll?



Jay LeBoeuf

Jay LeBoeuf

Jay LeBoeuf is technology executive, educator, and entrepreneur in the media technology industry. Jay is the President/Executive Director of Real Industry – a nonprofit transforming how students learn about the tech industry and how products go from idea through commercialization. LeBoeuf lectures on music technology and music business at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) and is on the Board of Advisors for music startups Chromatik and Humtap. LeBoeuf led research & development, intellectual property, and technology strategy as Strategic Technology Director at iZotope. Jay founded and was CEO of intelligent audio technology company Imagine Research, which was acquired by iZotope in March 2012. While creating a “Google for Sound”, Jay was recognized as a Bloomberg Businessweek Innovator, awarded $1.1M in Small Business Innovation Research grants by the U.S. National Science Foundation, and interviewed on BBC World, Science 360, and other major media outlets. Prior to founding Imagine Research, LeBoeuf was an engineer and researcher in the Advanced Technology Group at Digidesign (Avid Technology) in charge of innovations for the industry-standard Pro Tools platform.


Hart Shafer

Hart Shafer


I am an entrepreneur and product development coach specializing in product discovery and validation, agile leadership and entrepreneurship. I am the founder and CEO of TheraSpecs Company, makers of therapeutic eyewear that help people with migraines, painful light sensitivity, and visual sensory disorders. I am also co-founder of independent game studio Caper Academy and a speaker on topics related to startup best practices, including “bootstrap” techniques, customer research, iterative development and pitching. Prior to launching TheraSpecs and Caper Academy, I served as vice president of product management for iZotope managing hardware and software product lines, including the Emmy® award-winning RX 2. I also served as a senior product manager at Adobe for audio products and the Creative Suite. I am passionate about applying “lean startup” customer-centric approaches to both new and existing ventures and believes the world’s toughest problems will be solved through entrepreneurship and great design.

Brook Reeder

Brook Reeder

Senior Manager, Direct Developer Program
Universal Audio

An undergraduate and graduate level background in music technology, with an emphasis on digital signal processing, computer science, audio engineering, and composition. A work experience that includes 5+ years of cross-functional program management for both large and small companies (software/hardware engineering, as well as marketing, operations, and IT programs), 3+ years of strategic planning, and years of experience directly and indirectly managing individuals, teams, and departments. A personal background in live performance, songwriting, recording engineering and production. More than a traditional program manager, I think of myself as a critical thinker and a go-to person for leaning into new problems and opportunities, whether they are technological, organizational, strategic, or tactical. I find myself attracted to areas where something new must be created, and areas where strategy intersects with logistics – improving or inventing processes and tools that are robust and scalable. After years of program management, I have moved into a business development role that also requires the organizational prowess to set up a new department and business unit.

Jon Odo

Jon Odo

Director of Program Management

Decades in technology management of projects both software and hardware. Well versed in multiple methodologies and process design as well as management of large, diverse development teams. My skill-set combines scheduling and day-to-day management of technical staff and projects with budgeting, leadership and business acumen. Specialties: project management, scrum, agile, program management, technical management, budgetary responsibility (P&L), relationship building, SDLC, evangelism, client management, partnership, partnering

Jeannie Yang

Jeannie Yang

Chief Product and Design Officer

I like to build things. useful products. delightful experiences. that matter. with people who can laugh. at themselves and with each other while doing it. with people who give a damn. about enriching real human connections, big or small. and get drunk on the kool-aid.

Stacey Messier

Stacey Messier

Product Design Director

• Expertise in branding, interactive solutions (responsive web design, micro-sites, mobile sites, web apps), software, printed collateral, packaging, event marketing, video, and social media. • Detail oriented, organized multi-tasker, while conducting kick-off meetings, brain storms, and other collaborative activities necessary for innovation and production. • Mentors, manages, and creatively directs a team of designers while coordinating all deliverables through designated organizational processes and software such as JIRA and AtTask.

Dave Tremblay

Dave Tremblay

Senior Software Architect
Universal Audio

I am a software developer, architect, and leader focused on the design and development of music creation and production software. Over my career, I’ve contributed to a large number of shipping software products including Avid’s Pro Tools, Sonoma Wire Works’ RiffWorks, BIAS SoundSoap, Onix R-DES, and many others. I have also invented a number of audio and image processing techniques which lead to class-leading products and patents. My goal is to create great products that inspire. Technical innovation, collaboration on design, software estimation, agile development, and cranking out high quality code are all means to that end.

Brian Desmond

Brian Desmond

Product Designer

Brian Desmond is a passionate Product Designer and Product Manager in the media technology industry. After shipping dozens of products at Cakewalk, including SONAR and Z3TA+ 2, he is currently a Product Designer at iZotope, Inc, leading design of the award-winning RX family of products used by top audio post production engineers.

Craig Hanson

Craig Hanson

Engineering Manager

I am a currently Engineering Manager at iZotope, leading our core software development teams. I serve on a cross-functional SAFe Release Management team that is responsible for the revenue of our core product line as well as customer satisfaction and the implementation of iZotope company strategy. I am a graduate of Stanford University’s Master’s program in the Music, Science and Technology. My interests and specialties include: -Personnel management, staffing and hiring -General business and finance -Software engineering (C, C++, Objective C, some Javascript) -Object oriented software design -Digital signal processing algorithms -Continuous integration (bamboo, jenkins) -Project management (agile and waterfall methodologies) -Information architecture / mining / modeling -Database design -Education -Organizational behavior

Peter Green

Peter Green

Agile Transformation Leader
Adobe Systems

Started out as a freelance trumpet player in Phoenix, got a degree in music composition, started and ran a recording studio, then got a “day job” when we had our second kid due to the outrageous cost of health insurance. Luckily, the day job was very cool, testing Syntrillium software’s products (Cool Edit Pro, etc.), a company which was purchased by Adobe a couple of years after I joined. At Adobe, I moved from testing/QA into Program Management. In that role I learned about scrum, a process framework for building new products, from its creator Jeff Sutherland, and saw in the concepts and ideas several opportunities to improve our products. I became a certified “scrum master” from Ken Schwaber, scrum’s co-founder, and began to play that role for Adobe Soundbooth and Adobe Audition. The process helped us dramatically improve our product, and other teams became interested in what we had done. At the same time, I got a promotion to Group Program Manager for the Creative Suite, where I learned a lot about managing very large, complex products. The suite brings together 14 of Adobe’s creative products (like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) into an integrated experience for creative professionals, and is one of the largest desktop software products in the world (maybe behind major operating systems, but not much else). To keep me sane during this challenging project, I spread the knowledge of how we had adopted scrum and agile techniques and ended up facilitating and eventually co-training with Ken Schwaber for several internal Adobe classes. After the Creative Suite shipped, I moved into a full time roll training and coaching Adobe teams in scrum and agile techniques, and have since trained about 1/3 of the company. Specialties:Scrum Software Development (CSM) Music Composition Finale Lead Trumpet Jazz Trumpet Salsa & Latin Trumpet.

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