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Amazon’s Workplace Culture Continues to Spur Online Debates

bits_mainDaily Report
| Thehard-charging white-collar culture at Amazon, which was chronicled by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld over the weekend, has sparked numerous online debates about the company.
Ezra Klein at Vox wrote that “the real workplace scandal” remainsAmazon‘s blue-collar workers, the ones who work at the company’s network of warehouses, and the conditions in which they toil.
PandoDaily pointed out that the reaction to the article may have been heightened because the story shows the ambiguity “about the direction the tech world is hurtling us” into.
And The New Yorker parodied a memo by Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, joking that the company would now purge any employees who lacked empathy.
The debate may have been the most intense among readers of The Times, who submitted more than 4,000 online comments about the original article. Some commenters who had worked at Amazon said the company was demanding but humane. Others echoed the findings from Ms. Kantor and Mr. Streitfeld, who rounded up the reaction – including the response by Mr. Bezos – here.
There was other tech news too, including Liberty Interactive agreeing tobuy online retailer Zulily for $2.4 billion, and the United States Commerce Department saying it would delay the transfer of Internet oversight for at least a year, a sensitive issue in the wake of the revelations by contractor Edward Snowden that the United States was intercepting web traffic as part of its global spying efforts.
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