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Stop Marketing. Start Communicating.

Marketing, as we know it, has to evolve for the mobile era. These always-connected devices in our pockets have forever changed the way people shop, take pictures, entertain themselves, learn, find dates, and get around cities. Every single industry is feeling the ground move under them because of this massive shift to mobile. Marketing is no exception. The mobile era requires an industrial shift where brands stop marketing at people and start communicating with people. The good news is that brands finally have the tools to deliver personalized communications at scale. Thanks to big data, machine learning, and the ubiquity of mobile devices, you can now engage—not just market to—people at scale by personalizing and delivering messages, over the right channels, at the right times, on the right devices. Mobile messaging is far more intimate than previous channels, which means intelligent communications evoke emotions that just weren’t possible in the past. This leads to higher engagement and more revenue. That power cuts both ways, though. Bringing a batch-and-blast mindset to mobile is a quick ticket to having your apps uninstalled, and it does irreparable damage to your brand. Brands that will win the mobile era will stop marketing and start communicating.

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