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NAFTA Basics: Textiles & Apparel 

24/7 On-Demand Webinar: NAFTA Basics: Textiles & Apparel
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 NAFTA Basics: Textiles & Apparel 

Customs authorities from the U.S., Canada and Mexico have been conducting significant numbers of NAFTA verifications of importers, exporters and raw material suppliers in all three countries. In addition to large shippers, many small and medium-sized enterprises are receiving verification notices with tight timelines to respond and support NAFTA claims.

Join us for a comprehensive 90-minute discussion on the following pertinent NAFTA topics for the textile and apparel industry. https://mobilemail09.secureserver.net/?s=AAABAAAAATYuMy4xMQ

Key Topics: 

  NAFTA textile and apparel rules of origin – tariff preference levels (TPLs)

  completing NAFTA certificates properly

recordkeeping requirements

  timelines for responding to verification requests- best practices for documents to verify NAFTA claims

Our Speaker  

ELISE SHIBLES is a Member of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., resident in the San Francisco office. Her practice is focused on trade regulations and customs law, with particular emphasis on trade issues related to the textile and apparel industry. Prior to joining the Firm, Ms. Shibles served for over 11 years with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, formerly the U.S. Customs Service. As a specialist in textile and apparel policy, she was part of the U.S. government negotiating team and participated actively in the negotiations of numerous free trade agreements.

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