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At Home With Megan Papay Of FREDA SALVADOR


Written by on September 2, 2015

Megan Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

As we saw in her home tour yesterday, Cristina Paloma-Nelson of FREDA SALVADOR is all about neutral hues and textural touches. Now, we’re taking a peek at the home of the second half of the dynamic duo behind FREDA SALVADOR, Megan Papay. Both women bring their own unique talents to the company, and it’s easy to see their one-of-a-kind style reflected in their homes.

Megan has an undeniable talent for blending chic pops of color with rustic minimalism—all of which is a testament to the artistry she brings to her footwear brand. Her love of art began at a young age with parents who encouraged art collection amongst their children. Since then, creativity has been a major part of her lifestyle—the proof of which can be seen all over the walls in her home! Below, we take you through our conversation with Megan, where art, motherhood and shoes all played starring roles.

Written by Mackenzie Patterson
Photography by Em the Gem 

Megan Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

Can you give us a brief overview of the footwear brand, FREDA SALVADOR, which you co-founded with friend, Cristina Palomo-Nelson? What’s your elevator pitch?
FREDA SALVADOR is a women’s footwear company that is committed to offering the cool girls an everyday shoe—the one she puts on day-in and day-out to pound the pavement and feel her best. We are obsessed with fit and quality, and try to reinforce the idea that—if properly cared for—our shoes can last (and look even more beautiful) with many years of wear.

Megan Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

Art fills your home, and we can’t get enough of it! Where does your love for creative details come from?
My parents have an appreciation for art, so my childhood home was definitely art-filled. For a while, they were involved with a gallery in Palm Beach, Florida, and every Christmas they let my brother, sister and me choose a painting for our home. My collection started there. Now, our daughter Piper is in love with painting, drawing and building models, and she likes to display her work all over our house. We love that it’s such an interest of hers, so we just give her tape and let her hang things wherever she likes. It’s definitely an ever-changing exhibition!

Megan Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

Do you prefer having an established routine when it comes to your schedule and your daughter’s? Or are you a little more spontaneous and casual?
For the most part, I am casual. Although I am not going to lie, I was pretty excited when Piper started school this year. It is nice to be forced out the door by 8:00 a.m. because it gets me to work on time!

What are five things you can’t live without on a daily basis?
My first cup of coffee, morning snuggles with Pipes and the animals, an afternoon latte and wine on the sofa with my husband. I suppose four things are enough!

Megan Papay of Freda Salvador

What are your favorite weekend activities
We love going to wineries in Napa and Sonoma, and we go every chance we can get. The air up there is relaxing! We stick to the kid-friendly activities, so we end up playing bocce ball, soccer or building fairy houses. Piper loves being outside and we love wine, so it’s a win-win. Otherwise, we typically stay in Sausalito, take walks, eat out, have play dates, paddle board or play with our animals. We like to just relax together!

How do you manage the stress that comes with being a working mom? Do you have any go-to organization apps?
I feel like I have an incredible balance between my work and home. I have a very supportive husband and team at FREDA SALVADOR, which leaves me feeling very blessed. I am fulfilled in both places, so the stress really comes into play when there is just an overwhelming amount of things to do—mainly at work. At home I let things slide more! I use Go Tasks to stay organized in both places. I need it, I love it, but I would never show anyone my list. The things I have to write down to remember are embarrassing! I also go to acupuncture once a week, and have learned the necessity for being still and quiet—even just for an hour.

What inspires you?
Seeing people do what they are passionate about! No matter what it is. I feed off their energy and it inspires me to take the time to learn and experience new things.

Megan Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

Has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mom? What is your daily routine?
Not really. I have always been pretty low maintenance in my daily routine, but now that I am older, I do appreciate nice products. Quick shower, tinted moisturizer and powder by Laura MercierDior mascara and lip gloss, and I am out the door. My hair is always wet—I let it air dry!

What is your go-to outfit?
Boyfriend jeans, a baggy shirt, statement jewelry and lately, oxfords. This will transition into ankle boots when fall arrives! I also love denim on denim and stealing my husband’s crewneck sweaters—which are mostly J.Crew, circa 1994!

Megan Freda Salvador on Glitter Guide

What has been the best part about being a mom so far?
Every step is so special, but I am loving her seven-year-old self. She is smart, independent, interesting, creative and so positive—about everything. She makes me a better person because I want her to see the same qualities in me. When I am with her, she makes me slow down and appreciate every moment and I am grateful for this.

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