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OpenX Demand Newsletter

OpenX Demand Newsletter

Demand Newsletter

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Need high-quality inventory you can trust? Our Inventory Insights section spotlights premium publishers, including more than half of comScore 100, and private marketplace deals that can help you and your clients reach targeted audiences across digitally connected screens.


Key Domains: newsweek.com
Deal Type: Standard Display & Mobile
Key Domains: patch.com
Deal Type : Standard Display & Mobile
Key Domains: opposingviews.com
Deal Type : Standard Display & Mobile
Deal Type: Standard Display
Available: 200M monthly impressions
Deal Type: Standard Display
Available: 24M monthly impressions
Key Domains: venturebeat.com
Deal Type: Standard Display
Available: 11M monthly impressions
Technology Needs to Help with The Modern Dilemmas of a CMO, Not Complicate Them

The role of a CMO holds a breadth of responsibilities, many of which are changing rapidly due to advances in technology. Qasim Saifee, SVP of OpenX’s Monetization Platform, highlights the steps CMOs and the industry must take to ensure ad technology is fulfilling its potential.

Dissecting Header Bidding With OpenX

Header bidding is currently the most popular topic in programmatic and it is as mysterious as it is exciting. OpenX sat down with AdMonsters for a comprehensive look at header bidding and how it enables demand to evaluate and bid on each impression before the impression even hits the ad server.

Programmatic’s Biggest Challenge
Find out how to stay current, competitive and in control in today’s digital ad marketplace with OpenX’s infographic that explores programmatic’s quality challenge. As the global ad industry shifts to programmatic ad buying, fraud remains a top concern – and a moving target. OpenX uses advanced technology to detect fraud so that you can stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.

The Trust Forum – Wednesday, September 30th at NASDAQ MarketSite 3:00-6:00pm ET
Come join the conversation about the importance of trust in advertising and how we’re building it. Industry experts will engage in a frank discussion on the state of trust in the digital advertising industry and explore the future of the economy’s most critical currency… trust.AdMonsters MeetUp: Let’s Talk Tagless – Tuesday, September 29th at 7 World Trade Center, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10007 5:30-8:00pm ET
Tagless technology has taken the industry by storm, suddenly giving both sellers and buyers new opportunities. However, there’s still a great deal of mystery around it. Join the OpenX-sponsored MeetUp where AdMonsters will discuss this innovative technology with industry experts from Study Break Media, APlus.com, and The Weather Company.
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