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PepsiCo hires an e-commerce expert from Walmart.com


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How sales reps and digital tools affect the buyer’s journey

An Expanding B2B E-Commerce World—Be a Part of It!

As the world of B2B e-commerce continues to expand—in the U.S. alone, online B2B sales are topping $800 billion and growing rapidly—we are pleased to give you the competitive intelligence and analysis you need to help grow your business. Subscribe for free to B2BecNews, now a twice-weekly e-newsletter, and visit B2BeCommerceWorld to stay on top of news and analysis of the trends, technologies, and companies taking B2B e-commerce to a whole new level.

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Sanford & Hawley Inc., a family-owned distribution company, has been selling lumber and building materials since 1884. But with its tablet-toting sales reps, there’s nothing old-fashioned about how the 131-year-old distributor is selling to its customers, now numbering some 3,000 contractors and construction companies. Full Story
Web-based software helps a cold drink manufacturer expand into new markets

As it prepares to launch a B2B e-commerce site, new business software allows Slush Puppie to organize the inventory and financial records for many countries through one system.

Pepsi hires a Walmart.com veteran to head e-commerce

Gibu Thomas, former Walmart.com senior vice president experienced in B2B as well as retail and mobile commerce, is Pepsi’s new general manager of e-commerce.

A new online marketplace connects Asian buyers and suppliers

The Pan Asian Exchange offers business buyers and suppliers customs clearance help, logistics, regulatory and financial services support across seven countries in Asia.

3rd Annual Buy-Side B2B Survey

Respondents receive a Complimentary Forrester Research report and are entered into a drawing for a $250 or $500 VISA Gift Card for a completed survey. Take survey now

E-business managers are ready to invest in e-commerce

Most e-business pros cite e-commerce platforms as a technology investment priority. View the latest B2B trends and charts from B2BecNews.
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[White Paper] B2B eCommerce: A Priority for Top Brand

With sales projected to top $1.3 trillion by 2020, B2B eCommerce has become a critical pillar of the wholesale sales strategy. For luxury eyewear brand Linda Farrow, once their retailers had 24/7 access to product information via their B2B portal, it cut down the number of inbound product questions over email and phone, and dramatically sped up the sales process. Click Here To Download

Getting Connected with E-commerce

B2BecNews takes a close look at how companies selling to other businesses through e-commerce are taking several approaches to get the right fit with technology. The report details the strategies of top manufactures and includes case studies.

Download the Fall 2015 edition now

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