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Amazing news! Shell is leaving the Arctic and will abandon Arctic drilling “for the foreseeable future.”

People around the world stood up against Arctic drilling, and the people WON! Now, tell President Obama to protect the Arctic and our climate FOREVER: http://bit.ly/1Lh23KB — with Don Weber, Sheila Kim, Valentin Socolov, Michelle Garcia, Said Younes, Lee Slaughter, Gary Smith, Tony Garcia, Dawne Kittredge, Ingrid Crause, Ionie Sky and Erin Ivey Dancer.

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    • Nicole Felix
      Nicole Felix Yay, finally some good news…I signed the petition. Thanks for all of the work that you do and thanks for letting us participate.
    • Maria Shiela Simbajon
      Maria Shiela Simbajon It means people power works.
    • Lothirielle Dol Amroth
      Lothirielle Dol Amroth Thank you, Greenpeace USA!
    • Patricia Topornycky
      Patricia Topornycky Great joy!!! Polar bears get your party going
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    • KaDi Menas
      KaDi Menas Good job
    • Joyce Lane Robbins
      Joyce Lane Robbins Fantastic!!!!!
    • Tod McDade
      Tod McDade The activist did an amazing job!
    • Doris Melillo-Bartel
      Doris Melillo-Bartel Oh my god!!! That is amazing! Brings my faith back… Wow! Thank you to all those that helped this to happen!!
    • Patricia Gomez
      Patricia Gomez Thank you Greenpeace Team, you guys are the BEST!!!!🐋
    • Brian Drummond
      Brian Drummond Power of the people!
    • Marjo Lasoff Hebert
      Marjo Lasoff Hebert Keep going, Green!
    • Michael Di Giglio
      Michael Di Giglio Great job! May oil stop flowing!
    • Sally Rae Rogers
      Sally Rae Rogers I am so very glad!
    • Julie Rogers
      Julie Rogers thank you kayakers and hangers! good thing that bridge was there ; )
    • Renata Nagy
      Renata Nagy Yaaaaay!!!!
    • Elaine Wilson
      Elaine Wilson Signed.
    • Davi Houtua
      Davi Houtua Thank you Greenpeace!!!
    • TuTy Vargas
      TuTy Vargas Woooo!
    • Karen Metcalfe
      Karen Metcalfe YES!!!!!!!
    • Mike Tsyvilyov
      Mike Tsyvilyov #respect
    • Beverly Sothcott
      Beverly Sothcott YAY
    • Christy Martin
      Christy Martin Halleluja – this is great news. I signed the petition and emailed the President as well. So happy that community action works. Thank you GREENPEACE USA for all your work and for all the people around the world who helped to protect the Arctic from drilling.
    • Jeanne Tanguma
      Jeanne Tanguma Congratulations to Greenpeace on Shell’s withdrawal from the Arctic! Greenpeace’s actions were key in this decision.
    • Ruby Karen A. Wilcox
      Ruby Karen A. Wilcox POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Social protest works! Shell just pulled out of the Arctic! Goddess bless Greenpeace! !!!!!
    • Lacey Pierce
      Lacey Pierce Shell pulled the plug because the Arctic didn’t provide enough profit for them to continue. However, our voices are still important and there is no room for apathy. Continue to fight for what is right!
    • Holly Brownrigg
      Holly Brownrigg President Obama…THIS COULD BE A LEGACY FOR YOU!!!
    • Enrico Gabuzzi
      Enrico Gabuzzi I’m soooo glad ! Good bye Shell, leave the Arctic alone !…
    • Jody Johnson
      Jody Johnson Yes!! Let the Arctic remain pristine.
    • Jewel NQ
      Jewel NQ GREAT NEWS however we still need to actively and loudly oppose the increasing militarisation of the Arctic, and plans to significantly expand the use of seismic and sonar marine noise in our oceans – it would cause severe pain, injury and disorientation to marine mammals like whales and dolphins, particularly baleen whales in the northern Atlantic
    • Zed Diehl
      Zed Diehl Not fiscally viable, has nothing to do with the hanging from bridges, or any other protest. If they wanted to be in the ground, they would be by now.
      • 2 Replies · 55 minutes ago
    • Patrícia Sousa
      Patrícia Sousa Thank you for taking action and for allertting us and give us the opportunity to be part of an unique organization that through out the years as stood up to protetect and preserve life in our amazing planet.
    • Corinne Rockstad
      Corinne Rockstad Way to go Greenpeace and I was behind you all the way!!!
    • Ed Brownlee
      Ed Brownlee Great news for the Artic Ocean and all the wildlufe up there.
    • Patricia Pickens
      Patricia Pickens shell pulled out of artic for forseealre future–can this be true?

      Patricia Pickens's photo.
    • Scott Welch
      Scott Welch Not enough oil to bother drilling, you’ve done nothing, now get out of your plastic kayaks (made from oil ) and get a real job!!
    • Pam Peralta
      Pam Peralta People power will ALWAYS work……as long as the people will stand together and STAND UP!
    • Shane Border
      Shane Border Greenpeace… man you really gotta stop inflating people’s egos about this decision made by shell and shell alone.

      This way done for purely financial reasons and NOT because of anything we did or thought.See More

    • Barbara Campbell
      Barbara Campbell Hooray we have won finally!! Now we must see to it that the Arctic is protected forever.
    • Sandra Hoofard
      Sandra Hoofard I signed the petition and I want to thank all of you who were physically out there for this fight…….
    • Steven Worth
      Steven Worth They didn’t find oil. Protesters had ZERO effect like ALWAYS. Its just a smoke screen . LoOK at NIGERIA or the thousand other places that are being raped by shell or b.p. It’s no time to rest on your laurels. You HAVE NONE.
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    • Dale Maas
      Dale Maas Sorry people, you won this one! WAIT till oil hits 100 bucks, bet you won’t cheer then! Shell and Russia will be drilling deep!
    • Michelle Jaffé
      Michelle Jaffé awesome grassroots organization to stand up & be heard
    • Bruce Falkenstein
      Bruce Falkenstein Earth celebrates! And I as well….
    • Norma Silva
      Norma Silva It’s amazing what can be done when everyone gets together. We need more organizations like Greenpeace to protect our planet.
    • Jay George
      Jay George Thank you hardworking activists! I appreciate you!
    • Tyler Dirden
      Tyler Dirden Yay!!!
    • Angie Cruz
      Angie Cruz Great news we have to preserve our world and everything in it.
    • Lisa Genaro Neste
      Lisa Genaro Neste Wonderful news! smile emoticon
    • Tod McDade
      Tod McDade No…Shell made this choice based solely on profits.
    • Effie Hutto
      Effie Hutto I send much praise to Our President Obama..
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