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September’s must-reads from the MarketLive blog


3 essential criteria to consider when assessing new eCommerce vendors

With the online commerce landscape undergoing frequent seismic changes, agility has become a key criterion for assessing potential eCommerce platform vendors. The prospect of new mobile devices and formats and new social media outlets, along with ever-growing consumer expectations for a unified online/offline shopping experience, are among the reasons merchants seek to “future-proof” their sites and vendors promise to deliver infinitely-expanding capabilities.     Read on…

Build critical mass on social media now for holiday success later

As the holidays approach, many merchants are planning promotions targeted at their social media audience. But as they plot the substance of offers, merchants would also do well to launch initiatives now to build a critical mass of followers so those holiday promotions can have an impact.    Read on…

How to get personal with holiday shoppers

Until recently, merchants could succeed during the holiday season with a one-size-fits-all approach. Holiday gift guides and email campaigns shared uniformly across touchpoints, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals broadcast widely, and store shopping experiences focused on catering to the masses have all been the norm.     Read on…

Optimizing PLA merchant promotions for the holidays

Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) have been a popular option for merchants since their debut in 2012. Now, just in time for the holidays, Google has introduced changes that will put the focus squarely on promotions and discounts — which poses both potential benefits and challenges.    Read on…

Unwrap the potential of unboxing and haul videos for the holidays

In the quest to find ways to channel user-contributed content in the service of sales, merchants often contrive contests or social media hashtag campaigns. But there’s another category of content with origins that are decidedly grassroots: haul and unboxing videos.    Read on…images

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