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Buy specified 3D filaments; not surprises.

0+ 3D printer filaments
180+ filaments color chart
Buy samples for a few coins
NO filament surprises.

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Over 180 colors. The right colour boosts sales

If you 3D print objects to generate sales, you are 3D manufacturing or additive manufacturing. We know the major impact that the right colour has to an object’s value & sales. To boost 3D prints sales, you need that right color.

Over 350 filaments & 13 resins to choose from

All filaments aren’t created equal. Each polymer resin has its strengths. In order to offer a 3D filament that’s suited to your requirement, ColoriLAB plans to offer 13 filament resins; Pla Abs Hips Nylon Petg Pc Hipla Pom Tpe Tpu Pp

No surprises. Tested filaments: classified

When we are looking for a filament, we know its features. That is why ColoriLAB will offer a simple & quick way to identify the filament that best matches those features. The features that you will see will be the features that you’ll get.

If like us you know how hard & time consuming it is to find the right color, you will be delighted to check over ColoriLAB online store first. Our aim is to offer the 3D printing filaments that you need, when you need it.

Refer to ColoriLAB for that  specific filament

3D filaments color chart: Have a glimpse at a few colours from our extensive 3D printer filaments colour chart.

Printer filaments — specified

13 filament polymers to choose from

3D printer filament colors & looks

Filament features checklist

ColoriLAB first. Stop searching

All together, we will crowdfund this project to reality!
No more filament surprises!

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With Regards, your passionate ColoriLAB team.

Case study: Black 3D filament color

Case study: White printer filament color

ColoriLAB white vs usual filament comparison

Generic black filament vs ColoriLAB’s black

It isn’t black until it’s black.
On the picture, you can see a spool of black 
cheap pla filament (bluish) on the left side & our jet-black filament on the right side.
At ColoriLAB, we understand that a black filament must have a jet-black colour & nothing else.

White isn’t ivory, vanilla, cream…
On that photo, there is a spool of yellowish white 3D filament as the background & ColoriLAB’s white printer filament at the foreground.
ColoriLAB’s white filament is actually white! We stand by our words. When we say that a filament is white; it is indeed.

Case study: Gold 3D printing filaments

Usual vs ColoriLAB gold filaments; comparison

Gold is not brown!
The photo shows a competitor’s gold filament on the left, while you can see ColoriLAB’s gold 3D printing filaments on the right side. Gold has to have a gold-like color, not brown. 
gold filaments are part of our metallic 3D printer filaments.

Case study: Clear 3D printer filaments

ColoriLAB clear filament vs affordable filament

Clear should be crystal clear
Look at the clarity of ColoriLAB’s clear filament on the left compared to an usual “clear” or affordable 3D filament on the right side. Our glass like filament is stunning when printed in thick layers. Now you can make a clear choice.

Buy specified 3D filaments; not surprises.

Finding the right 3D printer filament isn’t easy… currently.

ColoriLAB offers you over 180 colors & many filament resins,
available in many quantities, tested & classified for you.
Specify features & buy your filaments, in an instant.
Enjoy a reliable 3D printing filaments supplier, from now on.

We won’t share your email. It is safe with us.

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