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Tech Culture Across Continents, From Hacker to Satire


Daily Report Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Tech Culture Across Continents, From Hacker to Satire | The techie culture of coders and coding has spread across the globe as Internet companies have become ascendant and usage of computers and mobile devices has become an everyday habit for many. Yet that culture is far from uniform and has evolved differently in different places.
In Silicon Valley, commonly known as the world’s tech capital, the culture has become a caricature of itself. For the last few years, some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies – Apple, Alphabet’s Google, Facebook and Twitter – have become even bigger and more powerful. Cash has been flowing, and numerous venture capitalists and other investors are throwing money into hundreds of new start-ups. Valuations of some of these start-ups have ballooned to stratospheric heights. To spread the tech gospel, venture capitalists have taken to Twitter to dispense advice to entrepreneurs in the form of 15-part compositions, which sometimes include well-timed barbs at one another.
That culture has now spawned an 18-page satirical book called “Iterating Grace,” written by anonymous authors. The book, to be published on Tuesday by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, skewers Silicon Valley’s navel-gazing mentality by telling the tale of a programmer named Koons Crooks who overdoses on the wisdom of tweets by top venture capitalists, writes Alexandra Alter.
In Argentina, more than 6,000 miles south of Silicon Valley, techie culture has developed in a dissimilar way, writes Nicole Perlroth. With no large tech companies and little in the way of tech money pouring into start-ups,many Argentines have taught themselves how to code and hack, drawing on a history of rule breaking in the face of a legacy of military rule.
As a result, Argentina has now become one of the planet’s best places to recruit those with hacking skills to work with corporations and governments. That was amply demonstrated last month when more than 1,600 people attended EkoParty, the largest hacking conference in Latin America, in Buenos Aires.
In many ways, the cultures of Silicon Valley and Argentina are opposites. In one area, the tech and tech money came easily; in the other, neither the tech nor the money came easily at all.
Federico Kirschbaum, left, and Francisco Amato started the EkoParty hacking conference. They are also the co-founders of the security company Infobyte.

In a Global Market for Hacking Talent, Argentines Stand Out | Corporate executives and government officials flocked to the EkoParty conference in Buenos Aires in search of the world’s most creative hackers.

The book contains handwritten reproductions of Twitter posts.

An Anonymous Satire of Silicon Valley Now Has a Publisher | Farrar, Straus & Giroux is to publish “Iterating Grace,” a book first distributed by its two authors to people connected with the technology industry.

More From the Times
Target attributed an overload of its website on Monday to the popularity of an online-only 15 percent discount.

Target and PayPal Sites Report Problems on Cyber Monday | Consumer behavior has shifted to online spending, overloading websites.

Learning Lodge is an online store for VTech devices where users can download apps, games, e-books, videos and music, all geared toward children.

Security Breach at Toy Maker VTech Includes Data on Children | The Hong Kong company said that personal information of five million people had been compromised, including the names and birth dates of children.

A video released by Amazon that shows off its drone efforts is clearly meant to give it a little marketing buzz - it was released during the holiday shopping season.

Drone Videos Could Help Amazon Sell Prime Subscriptions | Tech companies want to own the airspace for many purposes. They are also looking for regulatory workarounds.

A still from an immersive video of Benjamin Millepied's dance piece 

Google Cultural Institute Puts Us All Onstage | With 360-degree videos, fans of the performing arts can feel what it’s like to be in the middle of the Philadelphia Orchestra or the Paris Opera Ballet.

Lessons From Cellphones on Distribution of Wealth | A new study reports that in developing countries, mobile phone information can be used to determine the geographic distribution of wealth and poverty.
A post from the Tumblr The Last Message Received.

Meet Tumblr’s 15-Year-Old Secret Keeper | Emily Trunko, an Ohio teenager, has collected thousands of letters and text messages from anonymous people on the Internet.

Nicholas Merrill in 2011. On Monday, he revealed the amount of information the F.B.I. requested from his company, Calyx Internet Access, about one customer in 2004.

Scope of National Security Inquiry Is Revealed | After a decade of court battles, the owner of Calyx Internet Access revealed the breadth of the amount of information the F.B.I. requested about a customer.

AppDynamics Expected to Announce Raising of $158 Million | The company’s business of checking corporations’ computer code is growing rapidly but is filled with many heavy-hitter, and deep-pocketed, competitors.
Personal Technology
Windows 10 includes a setting that makes the text-insertion cursor easier to see.

How to Enlarge the Text Cursor | Tips on making the elements on your computer screen easier to see, from the blinking text-insertion cursor to your desktop’s text and icons.

Should You Update to Apple OS X El Capitan? | The El Capitan update includes many enhancements to popular tools and programs, but many bugs have also been reported.
Apple Music Is Finally Coming to Sonos Speakers on Dec. 15 | FORBES
It will be Apple’s first integration into third-party hardware for its music streaming service. – Kelly Couturier
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