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December 1, 2015
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Cyber Security Is a Top Priority for MarketersIn the US and Europe, cyber security is a top concern for executives. In Asia, however, executives stack up their priorities differently, according to November 2015 data, and place a number of tech issues above security. Full Article

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Mobile Powers US Hispanics’ Digital ActivityAt the dawn of the smartphone age, US Hispanics stood out as early adopters. Now that the population in general is converging at a high rate of smartphone ownership, one must look harder to see distinctive aspects of Hispanics’ mobile usage. The key is that smartphones still power an exceptionally large portion of Hispanics’ overall digital activity. Full Article

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In China, WeChat Is Widely UsedMobile phone messaging apps in general, and WeChat in particular, are huge in China. eMarketer estimates that nearly 400 million people in China use mobile phone messaging apps at least monthly this year—translating to 28.8% of the country’s population and 37.9% of its mobile phone audience.Full Article

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