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BITS: The NY TIMES daily technology report


Tuesday, January 5, 2016
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Daily Report
Activision Continues E-Sports Video Strategy | “I want to build the ESPN of video games.”
So said Robert A. Kotick, the chief executive of Activision Blizzard, on Monday, when the company announced that it had bought the assets of Major League Gaming, the e-sports league. As Nick Wingfield reported, one of the top assets Activision will get from the deal is MLG.tv, an online broadcasting network that streams game matches to consoles, personal computers and mobile devices. Mr. Kotick said Activision intended to create a traditional television channel distributed by cable and satellite providers.
Mr. Kotick and Activision will need to overcome many challenges to achieve his vision, however.
It is not clear that cable companies will want to carry a channel devoted to competitive video games, for example. And e-sports fans can now get their fix of e-sports video online in places like Twitch and YouTube. It is also not clear that they would want to turn to cable television to get the latest scores and highlights – or that less-devoted fans would want to watch, either.
Activision Buys Major League Gaming to Broaden Role in E-Sports |The video game company hopes to build a mainstream audience for competitive video gaming through a cable channel.
More From The Times
Microsoft offices in Beijing in 2014. New scrutiny of the company by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce stems from antitrust investigations of major Western technology companies in 2014.

In China, Microsoft Faces New Antitrust Inquiry | The company’s problems in the country began in 2014, when it ended support for Windows XP, hoping users would upgrade to more recent operating systems.

Marissa Mayer, the chief of Yahoo. The company confirmed that it has shut down its video portal, Yahoo Screen.

Yahoo Shuts Down Its Video Portal | The end of Yahoo Screen is a sign of the Internet company’s shrinking video ambitions.

Faraday Future is among the companies making announcements at International CES.

Carmakers Set to Grab Spotlight at International CES |With advances in technology in cars, nine automakers are planning press events at the International CES in Las Vegas this week.

Orange and Bouygues Telecom storefronts in Marseille last month. The two companies are in acquisition talks.

Orange in Talks to Acquire Bouygues Telecom | The takeover would cement Orange as the largest mobile carrier in France, though any deal would face tough questions from the region’s antitrust regulators.

Personal Technology
Some password-manager apps, like Dashlane, above, help you find website accounts on your device and add those passwords to the app's database.

One Password to Rule Them All | Using a password manager can save you the trouble of having to remember the login information for all of your online accounts.

How “Do Not Track” Ended Up Going Nowhere | RE/CODE
A look at how federal regulators’ best attempt to give consumers more control over online tracking “went so wrong.” – Natasha Singer
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