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Do CMOs Use Digital Advertising for Consumer Insights?


January 5, 2016 Does my company already have full access to eMarketer’s research? Click here to find out.
Do CMOs Use Digital Advertising for Consumer Insights?Nearly two-thirds of CMOs worldwide don’t currently use digital advertising to better understand the audiences within their CRM database, according to September 2015 research.
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eMarketer Webinar: Cross-Device Targeting—What to Watch for in 2016

Buyers and sellers alike see value in reaching audiences across all screens. Are you taking the right steps for your business? Register for this eMarketer webinar to learn about the opportunities and challenges of achieving a more people-based approach to targeting. Register now.

Social Shares, Unique Visits Are Important KPIs for Blog ContentSearch engine optimization (SEO) professionals consider social shares and unique visits the most important KPIs for a piece of blog content, according to a December 2015 survey. Full Article

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Create your own eMarketer charts and tables, instantly

Announcing Numbers, a new tool that empowers you to tell compelling stories with data. Create your own charts and tables instantly by mixing and matching over 6,900 eMarketer data points, across 41 countries. Experience Numbers now

PC-Based Video Viewers in Latin America Tolerate Pre-Rolls BetterThere are significant differences in how tolerant digital video viewers in Latin America are of pre-roll ads depending on what device they’re using, with mobile viewers skipping ahead at higher rates. That’s the case even for the shortest of pre-rolls.Full Article

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