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The Brave New World of Digital Marketing

A Frost & Sullivan White Paper Mukul Krishna, Senior Global Director, Digital Transformation Practice Hiral Jasani, Industry Analyst, Digital Transformation Practice



Today’s customers have myriad choices in terms of engaging with brands and finding information relevant to them. They have tens of blog posts, mailers coming through the post, hundreds of TV channels and thousands of websites at their disposal. The multichannel trend has become so prevalent that average customers are easily able to switch between channels, both offline and online, in a matter of seconds. And businesses are expected to keep up. They are expected to not only know their customers well, but also offer personalized interactions so that the customer experiences are seamless and consistent across channels. The term “positive customer experience” has taken a whole different meaning as the ease of using digital channels has added many new dimensions to the way customers engage with businesses. Customers prefer to do business with brands that put in an effort of enhancing their purchase experience and making the information highly relevant. For example, if Jane makes a purchase of baby bath products at a store, she would like to receive promotions related to baby products when she visits the store website on her tablet. In this case, she expects the promotions to be highly targeted in terms of the baby’s gender, age and size. In order to achieve this, the store not only needs to recognize her as a returning customer, but also understand her current needs at that point in time by relating her offline store purchases to online behavior. The store also needs to know the right email address to reach her and the most frequently browsed social networks so that it can post a relevant ad on the social media webpage or display a relevant offer on the corporate website.

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