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Global Mobile Consumer Survey


Mobile Commerce Daily - White Paper


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Mobile has been long pointed to as the next great communication channel for marketers, and for good reason. A vast majority of today’s consumers keep their mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times. This positions the smartphone as the consumer’s most trusted and important device, all while turning it into the marketer’s most direct and reliable engagement vehicle. 2015 was a landmark year in mobile marketing, and mobile as a whole. Smartphone adoption hit new record highs – as nearly two-thirds of Americans now own device, according to Pew Research1 . Coinciding with that, a majority of our retail and brand clients witnessed their own customer bases make the shift to mobile-first. We’ve received a variety of questions from clients and marketers just like you. Many seeking to better understand consumer mobile preferences, and arrive to a point-of-view on how their own customer bases use mobile to research, shop, subscribe and interact with the world around them. Our 2016 Mobile Consumer Study was designed to do just that. This report features the latest mobile consumer preference data, along with insights into the ways brands and marketers currently use mobile to engage customers. The goal of this report is to help you not only learn how your customers are using mobile – but also understand how they want to use mobile as well. Whether you’re new to mobile, or a seasoned practitioner, we encourage you to use this report and its data to: • Grow mobile subject matter expertise • Better understand customer mobile habits and preferences • Inform your mobile strategies based on consumer-preferred tactics and offerings

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