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Today’s International Trade and Customs News

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February 29, 2016 About l Federal Register

Import Statistics Highlight Goods that May Become Ineligible for GSP

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has made available full calendar year 2015 import statistics showing products that could be excluded from or reinstated to the duty-free treatment available under the Generalized System of Preferences based on competitive need limitations.
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Foreign Supplier Verification, Qualified Importers, Third-Party Auditors to be Discussed at FDA Meeting
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Asia Update: China, FTAs, Trade Facilitation, AD Duties
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FMC Considers Changes to Rules on Service Contracts, NVOCC Service Arrangements
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NAFTA Freight Flow Values Fall Again in December
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Import Restrictions on Graphics Processing Chips Under Consideration
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Free Entry Declaration, ID Card Application Under Review by CBP
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BIS Reviewing Information Collections on License Exemptions, Military Export Offsets
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The 2016 Internet Retailer Excellence Awards

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Welcome The 2016 Internet Retailer Excellence Awards: June 8, 2016 (7:30pm-10:00pm CT)


IRCE is the annual global conference where the online retailing and ecommerce industry converges and will again convene for the 12th consecutive year June 7-10, 2016 in Chicago.

At IRCE 2016, Internet Retailer, the world’s leading e-commerce publisher and the official media sponsor of IRCE, is pleased to present the second annual Internet Retailer Excellence Awards to honor web merchants and B2B companies for outstanding achievements in several categories. We are pleased to make this annual event a long-standing tradition with IRCE and a celebration of e-commerce innovation.

Hundreds of guests representing all segments of the e-retailing spectrum — web merchants, consumer goods brands, B2B, e-commerce technology and services providers, as well as industry analysts — will gather at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Hotel in Chicago on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, to recognize the year’s top achievements by online retailers and B2B e-commerce.

“It’s only fitting that as e-commerce continues to expand worldwide, so too have our Excellence Awards categories for 2016, giving companies more opportunities to nominate themselves for their achievements in the past year,” observes Jack Love, publisher of Internet Retailer. “We’re really looking forward to once again recognizing those web merchants and B2b companies who are passing the torch of excellence, thereby igniting the industry and inspiring their peers.”

Internet Retailer Excellence Awards will surely be a memorable evening of networking and celebrating excellence in online retailing.

E-retailers are invited to submit their companies for consideration for Excellence Awards in the followingnine categories:

Web Redesign of the Year
Omnichannel Retailer of the Year
E-Retail Marketer of the Year
Best Marketing Video of the Year
Best Product Video of the Year
Mobile Commerce Award
B2B E-Commerce Website Design of the Year
B2B E-Commerce Marketer of the Year
B2B E-Commerce Player of the Year

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Meet the Mobile Champions

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Your one-stop shop for the latest e-commerce industry white papers, case studies, special reports and webinars.
Hand-selected by the editors of Mobile Strategies 360, The Mobile Champions lead the mobile charge at their respective companies. We spoke with each of these mobile leaders-who hail from a range of industries including healthcare, retail, restaurants, hospitality and education-to hear more about their mobile journeys in their own words.

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of FedEx

Home Delivery & the Power of Choice

This exclusive report tells you why retailers feel the most important custom delivery options are based on their customer base, location and business, and why online retailers are ready to offer more personalized delivery options or are at least thinking about them. Download Now

IR Executive Report

Compliments of Vtex, Mozu,
Bigcommerce, GoECart, Weblinc

2016 Guide to E-Commerce Platforms

More than half of web retailers plan to upgrade their e-commerce platform in the next two years. Mobile is a priority and many want vendors to host e-retail software. In this report, we will look at each of the four big questions e-retailers raised in their comments and follow-up interviews, and provide their views and those of other experts on the factors each web merchant should consider. Download Now

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of PCA Predict

The Power of Quality Data and Address Verification

This exclusive survey report provides insight for retailers on quality data and address verification to help retailers make checkout easier and reduce costs. Download Now

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of Kibo

The Digitally Demanding Consumer

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever before, forcing retailers and branded manufacturers to merge online and offline shopping channels into a seamless whole. Download this 2016 Consumer Trends Report to better understand and respond to today’s digitally demanding consumer.Download Now

IR Special Report

Compliments of Global Response, GoECart, WebLinc, and Windsor Circle

Prepare Now for the 2016 Holiday Rush

A special report, from the editors of Internet Retailer, on the technology and techniques retailers can put in place to ensure that the 2016 holiday season runs smoothly. Download Now

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of Oracle

Oracle Commerce Gets the Cloud Treatment

This Forrester Research brief analyzes the key differentiating capabilities of this new offering and will provide guidance to eBusiness and channel strategy professionals on how to evaluate this solution as part of their commerce technology replatforming initiatives. Download Now

Your portal to complimentary research and prize drawings in exchange for your thoughts and opinions regarding e-commerce
Industry Category Title & Description

Customer Experience Management

CEM Executive’s Agenda:
Building a Customer-Connected Business
Everyone completing the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the latest Aberdeen Group report, “Customer Analytics: How to Make the Best Use of Customer Data” and will be entered in a drawing to win a $250 VISA Gift Card, compliments of Internet Retailer.

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Fulfillment & Delivery

The 2016 Internet Retailer Fulfillment and Delivery Survey

Take this quick survey on delivery options and receive a complimentary digital edition of the Internet Retailer Hot 100.

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Web Hosting

Web Hosting and the Holiday Season

Everyone completing the survey will receive the results and analysis, and a complimentary digital copy of the 363 page Internet Retailer research guide 2016 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000, a $99 dollar value.

Take the survey.

Internet Retailer Vendor Directory
These Marketing Companies get the word out

As advertising expands into new avenues for profit generation, we have categorically listed the companies that bring customers and clients through email, search engines, loyalty programs, and affiliates. They will get your product in front of the right people using the right methods including analytical data, predicative modeling, and a whole tool chest at the forefront of technology. Take your brand to market in 2016 with our Online Vendor Directory!

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16 Twitter Tools for Social Media Marketers

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February 26, 2016

Do you use Twitter in your social media marketing?

Want to be more efficient and productive on the platform?

To talk about a wide range of Twitter tools for social media marketers, I interview Ian Anderson Gray.

More About This Show

The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I interview social tools expert Ian Anderson Gray. Ian blogs about social tools at Seriously Social, which can be found at He’s also a website developer, speaker, and social media consultant.

Ian will explore a slew of Twitter tools for marketers.

You’ll discover tools for social sharing, managing followers, analytics, and more.

podcast 186 ian anderson gray twitter tools

Listen as Ian Anderson Gray shares sixteen tools marketers can use to get the most out of Twitter.

Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below.

Listen Now

You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, Stitcher or SoundCloud.Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

16 Twitter Tools for Social Media Marketers

Ian’s background

After college, Ian says he got started in the technology sphere by building websites at the web agency he founded. Then, about five or six years ago, he became interested in social media and started blogging at Seriously Social.

seriously social blog

Ian’s blog, Seriously Social, is found at

He shares that he was most interested in the tech side of social media. Specifically how tools could help him be more efficient and productive. That’s when he began writing on social media tools. From there, Ian has moved on to consulting and speaking.

Listen to the show to discover Ian’s original career path.

Social Sharing Tools

Ian starts off with missinglettr, a relatively new tool he’s using as a drip-feed marketing system for Twitter. He explains that it extracts images, titles, and text excerpts from your latest blog posts, and then posts them through your Twitter account for up to a year.

Simply connect missinglettr with your RSS feed, Ian says, and whenever you have a new blog post, you’re notified to go into missinglettr and review the pieces extracted from that post. Select the ones you like and edit them and you’ll have a whole year’s worth of content from a single blog post. For example, in a list post, Ian explains, missinglettr will likely extract the title of each section, as well as your logo, some text quotes, and images.


Missinglettr takes pieces of your blog posts and turns them into tweets.

He says Missinglettr offers a free plan that doesn’t include extracting images, and quotes premium plans starting at $15 a month.

To keep up with the latest articles from his favorite authors and blogs, Ian uses Feedly. He explains how to take things a step further by connecting it with Buffer and IFTTT (If This Then That).

After you add both your Feedly and Buffer accounts to IFTTT, you can create a recipe that says IF you save an article for later in Feedly, THEN it will be added it to your Buffer queue for sharing to your Twitter followers.

Ian says it’s an easy way to share the best content you find (either your own or other people’s) as you read it, and mentions that it works whether you’re using Feedly on a smartphone or the web. He shares that while IFTTT is free, Buffer and Feedly both offer free and paid options, and explains that for this combination to work, you’ll need to have a paid Feedly account, which is $5/month.

While Friends+Me is technically a Google+ sharing tool, Ian says it works really well for cross-posting whatever you put on Google+ to Twitter, as well as other social networks. The tool offers both free and paid plans. Ian likes it because Friends+Me takes only the title of your Google+ post (it knows you have only 140 characters per tweet), the article link, and the article’s image, and shares it to Twitter.


Friends+Me shares your Google+ posts to other networks.

Listen to the show to learn what Ian really likes about Friends+Me.

Content Discovery Tools

If you’re looking for timely content to share, Ian suggests using the Trending Now feature of BuzzSumo. For example, if you search ‘social media’ on BuzzSumo, you’ll find up-and-coming articles on that topic. Ian goes on to explain that you can even create an RSS feed from that search, the put the feed into Feedly.

Because BuzzSumo looks at articles that are starting to get a lot of shares, you usually find articles that are beginning to gain traction, and that’s what Ian shares to his audience. To make sure his search is timely, he uses the time settings and tends to look at articles that are four to eight hours old.

Ian says BuzzSumo offers a good free option but that the trending feature comes only with paid accounts, starting at $99 per month.

Listen to the show to hear why you need more than Feedly for discovery.

Follower Management Tools

The primary tool Ian recommends for managing followers is ManageFlitter, which is available on web and mobile. He says they offer a free plan and a relatively inexpensive paid plan that starts at $12 per month.

To find relevant people to follow, Ian suggests using Power Mode to find all of the people somebody else in your industry or area of expertise follows. For instance, Ian can look at all of the people Social Media Examiner follows, and then filter that list to see only people in a particular location, who have a certain number of followers, and have had an account for more than six months. He can then use that filtered list to find people he wants to follow.


Search for potential followers who have certain characteristics on ManageFlitter.

You can also do a search to see who isn’t following you and then go through and selectively unfollow people. Ian shares that one feature he uses often is the Never Unfollow List, so he never mistakenly unfollows an important account. Both Power Mode and Never Unfollow are premium features.

Ian discusses how ManageFlitter works with Twitter, and talks about daily limits on unfollows. He also cautions listeners to be careful when following new accounts. He explains that if you have 50k followers and you’re following 30k, then you could likely get away with following 200 to 300 accounts per day (a number he believes is a bit excessive). If you have 300 followers, then you want to keep the number of people you’re following each day down.

Another helpful tool Ian shares is He explains that it’s more of a free segmenting tool that looks at all of the people you currently follow and divides them into influencers and supporters, giving you insight into the people who are following you and engaging with your content. helps you understand the different types of people who follow you.

He says will also give you a list of people you might want to unfollow because they’re not engaging with you, plus people you might want to follow.

Listen to the show to hear why Ian believes Twitter tools don’t get as much notice as they used to.

Analytics Tools

Ian shares that he uses the free Twitter Analytics that are baked into Twitter. You know the information comes from Twitter so it can’t be wrong, he explains. You get a lot of information, and can even download the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Ian shares that you can find out things like how many engagements you received per tweet, which lets you see which tweets received the most likes or click-throughs. You can also see what type of tweet has been the most popular – whether it’s text, link, image, video, or even lead generation cards, and which Twitter followers are most engaged with your tweets.

Ian adds that Twitter analytics give you demographic information in a variety of categories, too. This will show you where your audience lives, from country to region and city, as well as some economic indicators.

Although he’s big on Twitter’s analytics, Ian reminds listeners to check the analytics baked into any of the social media management tools they may be using, such as Hootsuite, SproutSocial, or AgoraPulse; more on AgoraPulse later in this episode.

Ian briefly mentions Do You Even List?, a tool that will send you a free weekly email that tells you the top people interacting with your posts, then goes on to discuss the built-in analytics found in Tweetbot, an iOS app. From within the app, you can get a glimpse of daily stats and activity including how many stars your tweets have received and how many retweets and new followers you’ve gotten.

Because Ian uses mostly Android devices, Mike asked him what mobile app he recommends. Ian shares that he uses the official Twitter app, as well as the mobile version of AgoraPulse because it syncs with the web app. More on AgoraPulse below.

Listen to the show to discover what Social Media Examiner did in our Twitter analytics in response to what we learned.

Monitoring Tools

hootsuite search stream

Add a separate column for anything you want to monitor in Hootsuite (pictured) or TweetDeck.

Ian explains that monitoring tools let you know if someone has mentioned a particular phrase or word.

Twitter, he says, is really good at alerting you when people @mention you. However, if you want to see when someone uses your brand name or one of your competitors’ names, a monitoring tool will notify you so you can get involved in the conversations.

Ian shares that if you’re using TweetDeckor Hootsuite, you can create a new column to monitor specific keywords, and he says that’s what he would do. For example, if you want to keep track of a competitor, you would put a Twitter search with their name in a column. Then you will see all of the people mentioning that name in one place.

Ian also discusses using alerts to find anyone who is linking to his website.

Listen to the show to learn how is like Google Alerts.

Engagement Tools

Ian talks about how managing engagement can be very time-consuming, especially for brands and small businesses.

He says the reason he likes AgoraPulse is that it displays all of the Twitter mentions or messages you receive in the same way other tools such as Hootsuite do. However, as you reply to each one in AgoraPulse, it disappears from view much like an email inbox – once you respond, you can archive it. You can also delegate tweets to team members and see who has responded to a tweet.


Use AgoraPulse to efficiently manage your Twitter conversations.

Because AgoraPulse has a mobile app, you can use this feature from your desktop or a mobile device.

Listen to the show to find out what other social networks AgoraPulse monitors.

Discovery of the Week

Chhirp, a free app available for both iPhone and Android, lets you record up to a full minute of audio, then tweet it to your timeline on Twitter. Once the tweet hits, the audio plays within your tweet so your audience can simply click and listen to your message.


Chhirp allows you to tweet with your voice.

Setup is simple: you just give Chhirp access to your Twitter account. To record your audio, tap the Microphone button to begin and once more when you’re done, then tap Send. Your audio is a Chhirp!

Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how Chhirp works for you.

Other Show Mentions

social media marketing worldToday’s show is sponsored by Social Media Marketing World 2016.

You can now sign up for Social Media Marketing World 2016. It’s the world’s largest social media marketing conference. By attending, you’ll make connections with 100+ of the world’s top social media pros (plus 3,000 of your peers) and you’ll discover amazing ideas that’ll transform your social media marketing. Speakers include Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, Michael Hyatt, Jay Baer, and Michael Stelzner.

.See what attendees experienced at our 2015 conference.

The event takes place in San Diego, California on April 17, 18, and 19, 2016.

In this episode, Instagram experts Jenn Herman and Sue B. Zimmerman share what they’ll be speaking about at Social Media Marketing World. Jenn will be doing a session on running Instagram contests, and Sue will be talking about how to use Instagram’s Direct Message feature to grow your audience and close more sales.

We also have Peg Fitzpatrick doing a session on how to make your images stand out on Instagram, and Nathan Chan is sharing how to rapidly grow your Instagram following and your email list. Plus, Matt Rozen from Adobe and Matt Steele from the San Diego Zoo are holding a panel discussion on Instagram and the power of visual storytelling.

Hundreds of people have already committed to coming to the conference and have purchased their tickets. If you’ve always wanted to go, visit and learn more.

Click here to check out the speakers and the agenda and grab your early bird discount.

Listen to the show!
Audio Player

Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

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Social Media Marketing Podcast w/ Michael Stelzner

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social media marketing podcast 186 ian anderson gray

Ian Anderson Gray talks with Michael Stelzner about sixteen Twitter tools for social media marketers.

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FierceRetail February 26, 2016
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Today’s Top Stories

1. Walmart, Sears cut staff

2. Macy’s to reduce coupons, limit deals

3. JCPenney finishes with strong sales

4. Whole Foods rolls new food truck

5. Gen Z drives mobile payments

Also Noted

The male shopper defined

Stories from around the Web

News from the Marketing & Retail Industry



Today’s Top News

1. Walmart, Sears cut staff

Friday, February 26, 2016 | By Laura Heller

Big retailers are reducing staff at headquarters along with store closures in the face of poor financial performance.

Sears has eliminated 250 jobs, mostly at its Hoffman Estates, Illinois headquarters. The company also said that it will not fill 151 open corporate office positions.

Walmart (NYSE:WMT) has terminated more than 100 employees at its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Most of the cuts were at the company’s information services, or IT, division. This group was merged with the @WalmartLabs division in January. Both now operate under the banner of Walmart Technology, according to Arkansas Online.

Both retailers recently announced store closures. Sears will accelerate store closures in 2016 and Walmart said in January that it would close 154 stores, including all Walmart Express locations.

Layoffs are part of companywide restructuring efforts.

For more:
-See this Chicago Tribune story
-See this article at Arkansas Online

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Walmart profit drops 8%
Walmart offers free tech solution to other retailers
Walmart increases pay
Walmart Technology integrates tech teams
70% of Walmart Web traffic is mobile

2. Macy’s to reduce coupons, limit deals

Friday, February 26, 2016 | By Laura Heller

In a move to simplify pricing, Macy’s (NYSE:M) is reducing the number of coupons offered and changing up the way it sells clearance merchandise.

Macy’s typically issued paper coupons that shoppers could stack and use in a variety of ways, including toward already discounted merchandise. Coupons good toward full-price merchandise will still be issued, but going forward the store won’t accept coupons for clearance items.

Markdowns may be deeper to make up for the lack of an additional discount, but the clearance price will be the price. The program goal in a word, is transparency.

It’s a move reminiscent of Ron Johnson‘s elimination of sales and discounts at JCPenney, but with a critical difference.

Macy’s tested the initiative in select stores. In those locations, sales of clearance items were higher and inventory sold through more quickly. Clearance items have been moved to more central locations in those stores, eliminating the scattered racks along with confusing coupon practices.

“With this radical price transparency that’s been enabled through e-commerce, this constant visibility to others’ prices, [retailers] just can’t afford to play games,” Carol Spieckerman, a strategist at Spieckerman Retail, told the Washington Post. “Shoppers are on to their strategies and they’re annoyed.”

Which sounds a lot like what Johnson thought.

For more:
-See this Washington Post story

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Macy’s to open 16 Backstage stores
Macy’s restructures to support growth
Macy’s and Etsy partner in millennial-minded shop
Macy’s finds omnichannel success with RFID
Macy’s Lundgren talks digital transformation

3. JCPenney finishes with strong sales

Friday, February 26, 2016 | By Laura Heller

JCPenney (NYSE:JCP) continues a string of strong financial results, reporting today an increase in both net sales and same-store sales for the holiday season and full year.

The department store chain reported sales for the fourth quarter increased from $3.9 billion in 2014 to $4 billion this year. Comparable store sales rose 4.1 percent for the quarter.

For the full year 2015, sales rose 3 percent, from $12.3 billion to $12.6 billion. Same-store sales rose 4.5 percent for the year.

“We are very pleased with our performance for the fourth quarter and full year,” CEO Marvin Ellison said in a statement. “Our focus on private brands, omnichannel and revenue per customer is clearly resonating as we continue to win market share in a competitive environment.”

Not even unseasonable weather or regional differences got in the way of sales for the retailer, which reported that all regions delivered same-store sales gains over the same period last year, although the best performance was in the western and northeastern regions of the country.

Investment into key categories paid off for JCPenney. During the fourth quarter, Home, Sephora, Footwear and Handbags were the company’s top performing merchandise divisions during the quarter.

For more:
-See this financial statement from JCPenney

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JCPenney introduces ‘Penney Days’
More executive changes at JCPenney
JCPenney gives millennials more, redesigns the center store
JCPenney to sell appliances
JCPenney’s strategic plan to remodel some stores, close others

4. Whole Foods rolls new food truck

Friday, February 26, 2016 | By Laura Heller

Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ:WFM) is launching a food truck in the retailer’s hometown of Austin, Texas. The effort is essentially a rolling test kitchen to explore new ideas for in-store eateries and chef collaborations.

The truck will roll for the first time on March 10, using the name Tartinette and serving salads and open-faced sandwiches. The concept was created by Tien Ho, Whole Foods’ VP of culinary and hospitality in collaboration with the retailer’s prepared foods team.

         Tien Ho

The concept will be changed every couple of months to explore different food trends, seasonal flavors and vendor partnerships, according to the company.

Two percent of sales from the test kitchen’s first eatery concept will benefit Whole Foods’ nonprofit partner, Austin Food & Wine Alliance.

Whole Foods has long experimented with new in-store concepts and recently announced it was seeking partners to operate inside the growing 365 by Whole Foods Market concept. The new format is intended to offer more value-priced items in a smaller format, one tailored to better appeal to millennials and foods trucks are something of a staple with this demographic.

For more:
-See this Whole Foods announcement

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Whole Foods to bring 365 market to Chicago
Whole Foods unveils ‘365’ format
Whole Foods unveils store concept geared toward millennials
Whole Foods expands My Street Grocery
Whole Foods to open 40 new stores

5. Gen Z drives mobile payments

Friday, February 26, 2016 | By Laura Heller

Mobile payments are slow to catch on among the general population of shoppers, but the emerging Generation Z is more than twice as likely than others to make a mobile payment.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices account for just 3 percent of all mobile transactions in the United States, but for Gen Z, that number is closer to 7 percent, according to a new GfK study.

GfK is defining Gen Z as ages 18 to 24. Most accepted definitions of this demographic include those born from roughly 2000 on. The study’s group is closer to a younger cohort within the larger millennial group. For the purposes of this study, GfK identifies older millennials as Generation Y (ages 25 to 34).

According to GfK, more than half (53 percent) of Gen Z have made a mobile payment while using the Internet in the past six months, nearly four times the rate (14 percent) of Baby Boomers. Older millennials made mobile payments at the rate of 37 percent and Generation X (35-49) was predictably in between at 27 percent.

Roughly one third of Gen Z shoppers believe that mobile payments are more secure than other methods. And more than half of the younger group are looking forward to making “more and more transactions” from mobile devices, according to the study.

“Many consumers today do not understand the value proposition offered by mobile payments,” said Tim Spenny, VP of GfK’s financial services team. “This creates an opportunity for the industry to develop its own narrative around why people should use mobile devices to pay for their purchases—with security, speed and ease of use top among the reasons. In 2016, we see mobile payments gaining traction through the addition of benefits such as rewards, discounts and coupons that are integrated into phone payment systems.”

Apps in particular present a big opportunity for those retailers large enough to support them. Walmart and Kohl’s report strong mobile wallet activity, and an earlier study by Verizon showed that 70 percent of millennials used an app to make a purchase last year.

For more:
-See this GfK study summary

Related stories:
Back-to-school puts Generation Z in charge
70% of millennials use apps to buy
Mobile holiday sales reach $13B
66% of consumers more likely to shop stores with in-store mobile technology
Walgreens, The Home Depot, Sephora top mobile in-store experience

Also Noted

The male shopper defined

Men are shopping for groceries in increasing numbers and making just as many store visits as women these days. And while many behaviors are the same—both visit two or more stores per trip and average two trips per week—there are some key differences, according to the Hartman Group. Infographic

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WORLDWIDE RETAIL ECOMMERCE SALES: EMARKETER’S UPDATED ESTIMATES AND FORECAST THROUGH 2019 Worldwide retail sales—including in-store and internet purchases—will surpass $22 trillion in 2015, up 5.6% from 2014. Retail ecommerce sales, those purchased over the internet, will make up 7.4% of the total retail market worldwide, or $1.671 trillion. By 2019, that share will jump to $3.578 trillion, yet retail ecommerce will account for just 12.8% of retail purchases. ■ eMarketer estimates that global retail sales growth is slowing, but year-over-year increases will continue, mainly fueled by sales in China, India, the US and developing countries in the Middle East and Africa. ■ Retail ecommerce sales are accelerating faster than previously anticipated and will jump 25.1% year on year in 2015. Ecommerce sales growth will outpace brick-and-mortar sales growth by a more than 3-to-1 margin over our forecast period. ■ Asia-Pacific will be the main driver behind this growth, accounting for over half of global retail ecommerce sales in 2015, or $877.61 billion. We expect ecommerce sales in the region to climb $1.459 trillion by 2019, contributing to over three-fourths of the worldwide growth of $1.907 trillion. ■ In 2015, over half of all internet users worldwide and 24.3% of the global population will be digital buyers. Nearly half of these digital buyers will reside in Asia-Pacific, even though they account for only 22.5% of the region’s population. WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report includes eMarketer’s latest forecast for worldwide retail sales and retail ecommerce sales, including purchases made on desktop/laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. It also includes estimates for digital shoppers and buyers. The projections run through 2019 and include br

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Is Primark pioneering a new wave of retail efficiency?

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