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The 2016 Guide to E-Commerce Platform Selection



More than half of web retailers plan to upgrade their e-commerce platform in the next two years. Mobile is a priority and many want vendors to host e-retail software. In this report, we will look at each of the four big questions e-retailers raised in their comments and follow-up interviews, and provide their views and those of other experts on the factors each web merchant should consider.

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of PCA Predict

The Power of Quality Data and Address Verification

This exclusive survey report provides insight for retailers on quality data and address verification to help retailers make checkout easier and reduce costs. Download Now

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of Kibo

The Digitally Demanding Consumer

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever before, forcing retailers and branded manufacturers to merge online and offline shopping channels into a seamless whole. Download this 2016 Consumer Trends Report to better understand and respond to today’s digitally demanding consumer.Download Now

IR Special Report

Compliments of Global Response, GoECart, WebLinc, and Windsor Circle

Prepare Now for the 2016 Holiday Rush

A special report, from the editors of Internet Retailer, on the technology and techniques retailers can put in place to ensure that the 2016 holiday season runs smoothly. Download Now

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of Pitney Bowes

Shipping Strategies for Online Retailers

How can e-retailers meet consumers’ expectations while protecting their profit margins? This white paper analyzes two strategies – diversifying an e-retailer’s carrier options and getting up to speed with USPS to improve their bottom lines. Download Now

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of Bigcommerce

The shakeup in online shipping strategy

This online shipping guide consists of many articles Internet Retailer’s editors have written in the past year about the big changes that have impacted the fulfillment strategies of online retailers. Download Now

Internet Retailer Exclusive

Compliments of Oracle

Oracle Commerce Gets the Cloud Treatment

This Forrester Research brief analyzes the key differentiating capabilities of this new offering and will provide guidance to eBusiness and channel strategy professionals on how to evaluate this solution as part of their commerce technology replatforming initiatives. Download Now

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Industry Category Title & Description

Web Hosting

Web Hosting and the Holiday Season

Internet Retailer will be writing an extensive report on “Web Hosting and the Holiday Season” and would like to hear from you about your experiences in 2015.

Everyone completing the survey will receive the results and analysis, and a complimentary digital copy of the 363 page Internet Retailer research guide 2016 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000, a $99 dollar value.

Take the survey.

Customer Experience Management

CEM Executive’s Agenda:
Building a Customer-Connected Business
Internet Retailer is partnering with the Aberdeen Group and invites you to participate in a survey that will reveal the Best-in-Class customer experience management practices in 2016, CEM Executive’s Agenda: Building a Customer-Connected Business.Everyone completing the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the latest Aberdeen Group report, “Customer Analytics: How to Make the Best Use of Customer Data.”

Take the survey.

Internet Retailer Vendor Directory
Vendor Directory’s Newest Addition:
Glew: An E-Commerce Hub for all your E-Commerce Systems
Glew provides the world of ecommerce with reporting, insights and predictive tools that enable growth and drive profitability. With Glew, all of your data is in one central location from everywhere. First, this erases the headache of logging into countless dashboards and hunting for specific insights. Second, it means you can understand relationships BETWEEN channels and uncover data not previously available to you. This means you can understand key performance indicators across your business and maximize your store’s profitability. Glew’s application is browser-based, which means you can access Glew anywhere, on any device. Check out Glew in our Online Vendor Directory!If you’re a solutions provider, contact Thomas Moore to get your company listed today!
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