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Bits: Construction Begins on the 5G Wireless Dream


The New York Times
Monday, February 22, 2016
Daily Report
Construction Begins on the 5G Wireless Dream | Most people think that trying to download an entire movie to a mobile device is the act of a madman. Or the act of someone with plenty of time and money to burn.
But in Europe work has begun on one of the first examples of a new generation of wireless technology that could make mobile movie downloads not quite so crazy. The work, headed by Samsung, Fujitsu and other big companies, on so-called fifth-generation or 5G is set to be completed in a town south of London by 2018.
The British project is hardly the only 5G effort underway. Wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon are also working on 5G projects, and Facebook is even heading a project to bring an open-source version of 5G to consumers. Google is spearheading similar efforts to add rocket fuel to wireless networks.
What can be done on a 5G network is expected to be a major conversation point at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona this week. Typically at the annual conference, most of the world’s biggest smartphone and telecommunications equipment makers gather to promote themselves in front of the technology press over who has the must cutting-edge technology.
But instead of mobile apps and other entertaining doodads, the hard work of building mobile networks is likely to the big topic in Barcelona.
From Mobile World Congress
A component of the University of Surrey's wireless network. Some of the fastest wireless Internet in Britain in available on its campus.

5G Is a New Frontier for Mobile Carriers and Tech Companies | Fed by users’ appetite for watching videos, the world’s largest carriers are rushing to offer ultrafast wireless technology first. Some of their efforts will be on display this week at the Mobile World Congress.

Under plans for 5G, carriers will most likely offer mobile Internet speeds of more than 10 gigabits per second, or roughly 100 times faster than current networks.

What 5G Will Mean for You | Companies say that fifth-generation wireless technology will usher in ultrafast mobile broadband, almost universal connectivity and fast response times.

Facebook Open Sources Wireless Gear | The social networking giant wants virtual reality everywhere. That means getting hardware costs down.

Samsung Announces Gear 360, a New Virtual Reality Camera | The camera will go on sale later this year. The company also announced two new smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge.

More From The Times
The fight between Apple and law enforcement reflects the growing tension between technology companies that have access to private customer data and the government, which has long sought greater access to that information.

Apple Moves to Shift Battle Over Unlocking iPhone to Capitol Hill | The company has proposed that federal prosecutors withdraw demands that it unlock an iPhone belonging to a gunman involved in the San Bernardino, Calif., shooting.

Timothy D. Cook, Apple's chief, in 2014. Mr. Cook has received emails of support for refusing to decrypt an iPhone.

Apple Sees Value in Its Stand to Protect Security |Apple’s refusal to help the F.B.I. break into its secure mobile operating system may benefit its brand in the rest of the world.

ICloud, used to back up information stored on customers' devices, is helpful if a phone, tablet or computer is lost or damaged.

Apple Still Holds the Keys to Its Cloud Service, but Reluctantly | Through encryption, the tech giant tried to remove itself from the equation when law enforcement requested access. But iCloud presents challenges.

Joshua Reeves, a founder of the payroll management start-up Gusto.

Caution Rebuffed, Unicorns and Other Start-Ups Fixate on Rainbows | As stocks gyrate and venture capital pulls back, many Silicon Valley start-ups of every size remain upbeat, at least about their own prospects.

From left, Howard Stern with James E. Meyer, SiriusXM's chief executive, and Scott Greenstein, its president.

SiriusXM Fights to Dominate the Dashboard of the Connected Car | While other music outlets struggle, the satellite-radio network is a success story. However, the Internet-connected car will pose a challenge.

An engineering student in a lab at N.Y.U. A particular focus on jobs and earnings is gaining momentum at four-year colleges.

A Rising Call to Promote STEM Education and Cut Liberal Arts Funding | At least 15 states offer public education funding incentives for certain high-demand degrees – and humanities majors are not among them.

From left, Edison Castillo, Shemar DaCosta and Takhim Haque presented their website and app, Protect & Swerve, at an economic summit in Manhattan on Tuesday.

Teaching Bronx Students the Language of Computers |A growing movement in the borough seeks to equip young people with the knowledge and the skills to write code so that they can navigate an increasingly digital world.

Zipongo tools aimed at improving eating habits have been used by some 125 companies.

Wellness App Aims to Improve Workplace Nutrition |Zipongo, a small tech start-up, has connected with 125 companies to help steer employees toward healthier eating.

Personal Technology
Clearing Clutter From the YouTube Video Screen | If you find the annotations that pop up on top of certain YouTube videos annoying, turn them off in your YouTube account settings.
From Opinion
In the Government vs. Apple, Who Wears the Black Hat? | The dispute about a single iPhone could open a Pandora’s box of global issues over privacy rights.
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