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WhatsApp Enjoys the Distinction of Least-Uninstalled Android App


It can be difficult for marketers to encourage users to install mobile apps. And once they do, many abandon the apps, or even uninstall them. According to 2015 research, WhatsApp is the least likely of all mobile apps to be uninstalled by Android users. Read Article


Video Ads Perfected for MobileExpand your traditional video advertising inventory with an outstream ad experience specifically designed for mobile. The vertical formats, the fast-paced edits, and the unique video and text combinations keep the user engaged, and empower brands with a revolutionary new way of storytelling.

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What Digital Video Services Are Viewers Accessing?

Digital video viewers are increasingly subscribing to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. According to research, 80% of digital videos viewed on a TV are accessed via subscription streaming services. Read Article


Outstream Video Ad FormatsThe best way to tell your story to mobile natives is to speak their language. Celtra’s video ads let you spark a revolution in your mobile storytelling through fast-paced vertical video that is fused with retina-quality text cards and delivered politely.

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Video Gobbles Up Mobile Data Traffic in Russia

Mobile video accounted for a majority of all mobile data traffic in Russia last year—and one researcher estimates that by 2020, three-quarters of all mobile traffic will come from video viewing. Read Article



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