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Checking Messages Is Part of Almost Everyone’s Morning Routine

April 4, 2016

Communication comes first for most US internet users, and even before coffee for a great many of them, according to February 2016 polling. Read Article


Is “viewability” the ultimate goal?Viewability has become the de facto quality standard in the industry. This Integral Ad Science, IPG Media Lab, and Cadreon study examines the correlation between viewability and branding metrics. “Putting Science Behind the Standards” takes an in-depth look at the topic and offers practical recommendations to boost results.

Download the white paper today.

TV, Internet and Health Plan Providers Rank Worst for Customer Service

It’s probably not shocking to hear that US shoppers said they have a more positive experience buying a new item than they do interacting with customer service across industries. But when looking at particular verticals, health plan providers have their work cut out for them in both of these interactions, according to research. Read Article


10 Email Ideas You’ll Want to StealWe’ve put together an Email Design Lookbook that’s filled with example templates and email marketing best practices. You’ll learn what best in class marketers are using for template design, calls to action, content organization and more.

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China’s Mobile Users Not Keen on Video Ads

Mobile devices have helped bring the internet and digital media to more people in China than ever before. But 2015 research suggests that users in the country are less receptive to mobile video ads than their counterparts around the world. Read Article


Exclusive for eMarketer Customers

In-App Purchases Outpace Ads in Mobile Gaming’s Revenue Race

According to a recent study, the highest grossing mobile games worldwide in 2015 were free-to-play titles that drew revenues from in-game advertising and in-app purchases. With a varied addressable market, developers must balance the popularity of in-app purchases with how ads are served to maximize revenues. Read Brief


Bank of America Wants You to Like Its Video Content as Much as Aunt Sally’s Cat Videos

Lou Paskalis, senior vice president of enterprise media at Bank of America, talks about what goes into creating digital video ads that keep consumers wanting to see more. Read Interview
An interview with:
Lou Paskalis
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Media, Bank of America
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