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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Week: What You Need to Know About the Past Seven Days premium

Critics worry that a new North Carolina law they see as anti-LGBT could affect colleges; California’s state auditor worries about out-of-state students; and Microsoft worries about a bot that learned bad manners.

This Week’s Highlights

The New Canon premium

By Dan BerrettFor a long time, disciplinary content was king. Now just about everyone agrees that students should learn skills like critical thinking. What’s trickier is how.

Record-Breaking Numbers of Applicants? Don’t Gloat premium

By Eric HooverMany colleges brag about rising numbers of applicants, even as they see a drop in students who enroll. Here’s what the numbers really mean.

In an Era of Campus Activism, a Student Group Seeks to Be the Face of Free Speech premium

By Sarah BrownThe Princeton Open Campus Coalition formed in response to a movement that, its founders felt, was stifling constructive dialogue.

A School Focuses on Moving Students into the Workforce

By Dan BerrettDennis Di Lorenzo, dean of New York University’s School of Professional Studies, describes how recent changes at his institution aim to help more students get jobs.

The Chronicle Review

Academe is Overrun by Liberals. So What? premium

By Russell JacobyThe relationship between political diversity and intellectual diversity is, at best, tenuous.


Why Theater Majors Are Vital in the Digital Age

Tracey MooreAs technology and machines consume more and more of life, perhaps theater can help us remember what it means to act like a human.


Small Changes in Teaching: Giving Them a Say

By James M. LangThree small ways to improve learning by giving students a measure of control.


U. of Puget Sound’s First African-American President Built His Career at Jesuit Institutions

Isiaah Crawford, who will leave his job as provost at Seattle University, has done research on human sexuality and minority stress.

What I’m Reading: ‘Post-Traditional Learners and the Transformation of Postsecondary Education’

A new adult-education dean finds a helpful paper about the blurring of distinctions between traditional and nontraditional students.


Lingua Franca

Being an Antecedent

All speech and writing contain ambiguities about which pronouns refer to what, Geoff Pullum claims; they don’t have to, but they just seem to be poorly designed in that respect.


Twitter Enhances Accessibility With Alt Text for Images

This new accessibility feature, so far only available for the iOS and Android Twitter apps, will improve the social media experience for users who are blind or have low vision.

Vitae — for Your Academic Life

What My Daughter (the College Senior) Has Taught Me About College

Her experiences have motivated me to try to be a more understanding adviser and teacher.

Monetizing the Ph.D.

Six things not to do when you are not Thomas Edison or Elon Musk.

Setting Up Your Crowdfunding Campaign

The second in a three-part series on how scientists can use crowdfunding to finance a research project.

Did They Lowball Me?

I didn’t negotiate my starting salary. Is it too late to try now?


Your Perfect Candidate Is on Vitae
Introducing Vitae Recruiter, the unique and versatile candidate-search tool developed with your hiring needs in mind. Find out more.
How to Survive Your First-Round Interview
It’s your first meeting with the search committee. Here’s how to prepare — and how to improve your chances of getting to the next round. Download your kit here.
Diversity in Academe: Transgender on Campus
Our coverage (available for purchase here) features the voices of many transgender students and academics as they gain visibility on campuses and elsewhere.
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