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Reddit’s Small Step to Tame the Internet’s Toxic Culture


Thursday, April 7, 2016
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Reddit’s Small Step to Tame the Internet’s Toxic Culture | The Internet is worse than ever.
So wrote Farhad Manjoo, The New York Times’s technology columnist, late last year about the toxic stews that abound across the web. There are presidential candidates spewing hateful messages at one another, a constant barrage of online threats and profanities that reduce seemingly mature adults to name-calling adolescents, and many other unsavory digital cesspools.
One of the Internet’s hubs of some of that activity — Reddit, the online discussion forum — has been taking steps to clamp down on that behavior. In recent months, it has called for more decency on its site through new policies. And on Wednesday, it took another step by introducing a tool that lets people block tormentors from sending them harassing messages, Mike Isaac writes.
The move is just a drop in the bucket. But Reddit’s shift — from onetime laissez-faire online forum to one that is more mindful about Internet behavior — is also mirrored elsewhere, including in the digital publicationGawker’s turn toward becoming a politics site instead of one focused on media gossip. Some may read those developments as signs of hopeful things to come.
Steve Huffman, a co-founder and chief executive of Reddit.

Reddit Steps Up Anti-Harassment Measures With New Blocking Tool | The discussion site is hoping that less negative speech will encourage users to engage more with the community.

Gay Talese, whose comments on female writers at a conference in Boston put him in an unfamiliar forum - on Twitter.

Gay Talese Goes Through the Twitter Wringer | Asked which ‘women who write’ had inspired him, the 84-year-old nonfiction writer said, ‘None.’ That’s when he started trending.

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An advertisement for a Chinese news and web portal in Beijing. China blocks some of the biggest corporate names on the Internet, including services offered by Google, Facebook, Twitter and others.

U.S. Adds China’s Internet Controls to List of Trade Barriers | American officials cite blocked websites and other limits on information as bad for foreign companies doing business in the vast market.

Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security secretary, at Harvard University last month.

Homeland Security Dept. Struggles to Hire Staff to Combat Cyberattacks | The department has trouble recruiting computer experts because it pays less than the private sector and lacks the allure of intelligence agencies.

Yahoo Paints Grim Financial Picture as Deadline for Bids Nears | The Internet giant warned potential bidders about a projected decline of $600 million in revenue this year, as it prepares to sell its core business.
An image from

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Samsung Profits Are Up, Thanks to Its Galaxy 7 Smartphone | In a return to form, the South Korean electronics maker benefited from sales of smartphones, its recent Achilles’ heel.
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