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Monday, April 11, 2016

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The Week: What You Need to Know About the Past Seven Days

Students protest from Ole Miss to Princeton, the Antonin Scalia School of Law changes its name, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security creates a fake college.

Tech Innovators 2016: A Special Report

Mark Milliron Arms Students With Data premium

By Katherine ManganAs a co-founder of Civitas Learning, he provides a cloud-based platform that helps users avoid “analysis paralysis” and use data to help students succeed.

Activist Group Unites via Social Media

By Sarah BrownThe Black Liberation Collective uses online platforms the way the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee used the black press in the 1960s.

Commentary: A Pedagogy That Spans Semesters premium

By Benjamin WigginsDigital tools like an open-source timeline builder allow the work of one group of students to enhance the learning of the next.

Read More About Digital Movers and Shakers

Meet this year’s tech innovators — nine men, women, and projects using education technology boldly and broadly.

Also This Week

A Higher-Ed Needler Finds Its Moment premium

By Jack StriplingThe American Council of Trustees and Alumni, long dismissed in academe as a relic of the culture wars, has a resonant message for disruption-prone college boards. Not everyone is happy about that.

Faculty Salaries Show Strong Recovery From Recession

By Peter SchmidtAn annual survey by the American Association of University Professors found positive signs in a gradually improving economy, while it lamented long-term trends in the academic work force.

Streamlining the Path to Program Completionpremium

By Katherine ManganCommunity colleges are exploring structured approaches that more efficiently guide students through the course-selection process. No, it’s not about killing the liberal arts.

The Chronicle Review

‘If America Wants to Kill Science, It’s on Its Way’

By Paul VoosenA. Hope Jahren on women, research, and life in the lab.


Are Financially Desperate Law Schools Using a ‘Reverse Robin Hood Scheme’ to Stay Afloat?

By Aaron N. TaylorMaking disadvantaged students subsidize the attendance of their more privileged peers is as regressive as it is indefensible.


Rumors of Its Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

By Dennis BardenIs the model of the nontraditional president doomed because of the Mount St. Mary’s debacle?


At Columbia U., Philadelphia’s Ex-Mayor Seeks Solutions for Knotty Urban Issues

Michael A. Nutter says he was attracted to the university, in part, because his daughter studies there.

What I’m Reading: ‘It Can’t Happen Here’

In Sinclair Lewis’s 1935 novel, the suppression of speech begins on campuses. What’s the chance that could still happen here?


Lingua Franca

Hillary Who?

Ben Yagoda examines how the Democratic candidate, back in 1992, glottalized her surname. Not anymore.


Going Low-Tech With Paper To-Do Lists

Anastasia Salter discusses why she’s left behind her search for the perfect to-do list app, and instead settled on the right pad of paper.

Vitae — for Your Academic Life

How to Keep a Meeting Moving

Yes, there is such a thing as a good meeting.

Ladies, Let’s Negotiate

Brokering a better job offer is full of dangers and pitfalls for women that men don’t have to face.

Asking Faculty for a Favor

It’s not about sucking up to professors; it’s about respecting their time and showing you’re worth it.

Less Is More

A detailed class plan full of bullet points is a security blanket. Maybe it’s time to leave more to chance?


Your Perfect Candidate Is on Vitae
Introducing Vitae Recruiter, the unique and versatile candidate-search tool developed with your hiring needs in mind. Find out more.
How to Survive Your First-Round Interview
It’s your first meeting with the search committee. Here’s how to prepare — and how to improve your chances of getting to the next round. Download your kit here.
Diversity in Academe: Transgender on Campus
Our coverage (available for purchase here) features the voices of many transgender students and academics as they gain visibility on campuses and elsewhere.
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