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Latin America Trade Bulletin


April 14, 2016


WTO rules against EU antidumping duties on Argentinean biodiesel

The duties of up to 24 percent, which were imposed after Argentina nationalized the oil company YPF, have effectively closed the EU market to exports of biodiesel from Argentina. One official said such exports may not resume until the end of the year if the case is appealed.


Trade agreements signed with U.S.

The U.S. and Argentina signed a bilateral trade and investment framework agreement, announced a new commercial dialogue and discussed other ways to expand commerce during President Obama’s recent visit to Argentina, the first bilateral visit to that country by a U.S. president in nearly 20 years. The two countries agreed to cooperate on numerous issues, including common goals in the World Trade Organization and other multilateral trade forums, agricultural matters, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, intellectual property rights, information and communication technology, electronic commerce, services and labor rights.

U.S. Embassy

Spain looks to re-engage on trade and investment with Argentina

During a business forum organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Spain’s foreign minister said his country intends to use improved political relations to increase bilateral trade and investment and reaffirmed its support for negotiations on a free trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union. Argentina, in turn, urged Spanish businesses to invest in its infrastructure and energy sectors.


Customs assistance agreement with Nigeria to take effect 1 May

The agreement covers cooperation, mutual assistance, and exchange of information and documentation in customs matters and aims to ensure that legal trade between the two countries is conducted safely and transparently.

Centro Despachantes de Aduana de la Republica Argentina

AD actions on spring washers, steel cutlery, PET granules, polypropylene plates

Argentinean authorities have initiated an antidumping investigation on steel spring washers classified under NCM 7318.21.00 from China. Argentinean Customs will begin requiring certificates of origin for subject merchandise from June 28.

Resolution 46/2016

Argentina has launched an AD probe of plates, sheets, film, foil and strip of biaxially oriented polypropylene, of a thickness of at least 17 microns but not exceeding 110 microns, having certain specific characteristics, classified under NCM 3920.20.90, from Peru.

Resolution 60/2016

Argentina has renewed for five years the AD duty order on Brazilian and Chinese stainless steel cutlery classified under NCM 8211.10.00, 8211.91.00, 8215.20.00 and 8215.99.10. Subject merchandise from China will be subject to an amended AD duty of 146.46 percent, down from 1,450.21 percent, while subject merchandise from Brazil will face AD duties of 11.36 percent or 13.93 percent.

Resolution 85/2016

Argentina has initiated a changed circumstances review of the AD duty order on poly(ethylene terephthalate) in granules, with an intrinsic viscosity of 0.70 or more but not more than 0.88 deciliters per gram, classified under NCM 3907.60.00, from China, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Resolution 86/2016


Second round of FTA talks held with Uruguay

Discussions focused on market access for goods, rules of origin, services, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, cooperation, the environment, intellectual property, trade facilitation and labor rights. The new agreement will include many of the provisions of the existing trade arrangement between Chile and Mercosur as well as new disciplines designed to strengthen bilateral trade relations.

General Directorate for International Economic Relations

Documentary requirements to qualify for steel wire rod safeguard exclusion

Chile established Oct. 6, 2015, a provisional safeguard duty of 37.8 percent on imports of steel wire rod classified under HTSCL 7213.20.00, 7213.91.10, 7213.91.20, 7213.91.90, 7227.10.00, 7227.20.00 and 7227.90.00 from all sources except Canada, Mexico, Peru and developing countries (except China and Brazil). Chilean authorities subsequently amended that measure to exclude CHQ quality wire rod classified under these tariff lines and recently informed importers of the need to submit a certificate from the foreign supplier together with a sworn declaration to be able to benefit from this exclusion.

Exempt Resolution 1573/2016



Compound tariff system for apparel and footwear extended through July 30

Under this system apparel valued at or below US$10 per kilogram is subject to a 10 percent ad valorem duty and a specific duty of US$5 per gross kilogram, while apparel valued at more than US$10/kg is subject to a 10 percent ad valorem duty and a specific duty of US$3/kg. A WTO panel recently ruled against this system but Colombia has appealed that decision.

Decree 515/2016


New decree aims to facilitate operation, enhance productivity of free zones

Among other things, the regulation establishes a new regime for the oil and gas sector that will facilitate offshore development and exploration projects. Colombia currently has 100 free zones with a total of 814 companies. Goods exports by free zones rose 1.1 percent to US$2,108 million in 2015, with exports to the European Union growing by 30.4 percent to US$89 million.

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism

Constitutional Court greenlights FTA with Costa Rica

The Constitutional Court recently greenlighted Colombia’s free trade agreement with Costa Rica, which will likely enter into force sometime in the coming weeks. Approximately three-quarters of Colombia’s industrial goods exports to Costa Rica will benefit from duty-free treatment at that time, while duties on all other industrial products will be completely eliminated within 15 years.

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism


Additional quota for sugar exports to U.S. allocated

Colombian authorities recently allocated an additional 2,168 ton tariff-rate quota for certain sugar exports to the United States. The allocation included 1,951.2 tons for sugar classified under HTSCO 1701.14.0010 as well as 216.8 tons for sugar classified under HTSCO 1701.13.0000.

Circular 3/2016


AD probe of triangular files terminated

Colombia has terminated without the imposition of any measures its AD investigation of six-inch triangular files classified under HTSCO 8203.10.0000 from India. According to Colombian authorities, there was not enough evidence to establish a link between imports of subject merchandise sold at dumped prices and injury to a domestic industry.

Resolution 29/2016


AD duty order on sandals and slippers partially renewed

Peruvian authorities have partially renewed the AD duty order on certain sandals, slippers, flip flops, zories and similar footwear classified under HTSPE 6402.19.0000, 6402.20.0000, 6402.91.0000, 6402.99.9000, 6403.91.9000, 6403.99.9000, 6405.10.0000 and 6405.90.0000 from China. Specifically, the order has been renewed for three years with respect to subject merchandise with uppers of rubber or plastic and outer soles of various materials. By contrast, subject merchandise with uppers of natural leather and other materials except rubber or plastic (e.g., wood) and outer soles of various materials will no longer be subject to AD duties.

Resolution No. 47-2016/CDB-INDECOPI

New import requirements for dried tomatoes and cherry cuttings

Peru has established new phytosanitary requirements for dried tomatoes from Turkey and cherry cuttings from Israel. Among other requirements, importers must obtain a phytosanitary import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the shipment must be accompanied by an official phytosanitary certificate issued by the relevant authorities in the country of origin. In addition, the products must be shipped in new, unused, appropriately labeled containers and be free of extraneous materials.




Regulation seeks to simplify procedures to export non-traditional products

The regulation sets forth mechanisms, requirements and procedures that must be followed to process applications for certificates, permits and licenses required to export non-traditional products. The government has also issued a list of tariff lines that require official approval prior to export.

Decree 2292/2016

Resolution 91/2016



Paraguay Senate committee approves Bolivia as full member of Mercosur

The proposal, which would elevate Bolivia’s status from associate to full member, has already been approved by the legislatures of existing members Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela.



Mercosur-SACU FTA takes effect

The agreement entered into force on April 1 after Brazil became the last Mercosur member to publish a decree implementing it. The FTA provides for preferential tariff rates of 10 percent to 100 percent for more than 1,000 tariff lines.


Decree 8703/16 (Brazil)

Law No 26798 (Argentina)

Law No 4560 (Paraguay)

Law No 18818 (Uruguay)

SACU-Mercosur Agreement

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