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April 15, 2016
Netflix Usage to Reach More than Two-Thirds of OTT Users

Netflix continues to grow its user base in the US, with 126.9 million people expected to use it this year, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast on OTT video usage. That equates to 67.9% of OTT video users. Among the OTT service providers eMarketer tracks, only YouTube has more users than Netflix—176.1 million, which equates to 94.3% of OTT users. Read Article


Meet Sr. Agency Decision-Makers at May’s iMedia Agency SummitVendors – Join senior decision-makers from MEC, Razorfish, Dieste, Digitas LBi, GSD&M, Havas, OMD and more May 1-4 at the iMedia Agency Summit in Lost Pines, TX. Your pass includes high-value content, up to 10 one:one meetings, networking, & more.

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Viewability in the Realm of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic, social and mobile advertising have led to new controls and worries when it comes to viewability in the UK, according to Ooyala, a global ad-serving firm tracking viewability metrics as well as providing sell-side programmatic platforms to marketers. eMarketer spoke with Scott Braley, Ooyala’s general manager of programmatic advertising, about how marketers are using programmatic, social and mobile to bolster viewability. Read Interview
An interview with:
Scott Braley
General Manager, Programmatic Advertising, Ooyala
Marketing Technology Weekly – Sign up todayWe’re thrilled to announce a new newsletter covering the entwined worlds of marketing and technology. In it, we present data and research about how CMOs, CTOs and their teams are navigating, investing and collaborating in this evolving landscape.

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Marketing Professionals in Germany Confident of a Native Ad Revolution

Native advertising has emerged as an increasingly popular form of advertising. And while marketing professionals in Germany are still wary of a number of elements when it comes to native advertising, that’s not the case when they consider the advertising method’s future.Read Article


Exclusive for eMarketer Customers
Social Listening for US Brands: Deriving Actionable Insights from Conversations

With the right tools and queries, brands can derive insights from consumer conversations on social media. In this report, 35 interviews with industry executives reveal the best uses for social listening, as well as the practice’s strengths and weaknesses. Read Report


User-Generated Content Makes for Strong Ads

West Elm repurposes user-generated content for ads and other marketing. Aaron Able, head of social media and content strategy, explains how. Read Interview
An interview with:
Aaron Able
Head of Social Media and Content Strategy, West Elm
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