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Next-Gen Shop Floor Control A Game-Changer





Simparel Apparel and Fashion ERP, PLM, SCM, WMS and more.
The Visibility & Control You Need to Grow & Profit
Simparel Enterprise - the solution for the entire concept to consumer fashion product lifecycle.
Next-Gen Shop Floor Control A Game-Changer

Today’s brand and contract manufacturers of everything from fashion apparel to industrial sewn products face constant pressure to reduce costs, improve quality and speed deliveries. With little room for errors and delays, they must closely track order status, optimize productivity, manage attendance and payroll, and minimize non-productive time that can make the difference between on-time delivery and charge-backs; profit and loss.
Gain Real-Time Visibility & Control:
Collect, measure and analyze information on each step of your process; monitor production, efficiency, WIP, line balance, and more.
Increase Individual/Team Productivity:
Provide motivational performance feedback and pacing tools to workers and empower managers to make timely, better-informed decisions.
Accelerate Throughput Time:
Focus attention on non-productive (off-standard) events, production priorities and milestones, delivery timelines, efficiency and more.
Enable Supply Chain Transparency:
Stay up to the minute on all orders, downtime, and other production events. Document time & attendance, pay practices and calculations.
Simplify Deployment with Next-Gen Technology:
Easy to install wireless networking, easy to use Android app, standard tablets with rich information display and communication tools.
With these and other important opportunities for improvement, don’t you owe it to yourself to learn more about Simparel SFC?


See Simparel SFC at Texprocess Americas Booth #1211 and in the Cool Zone #240

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