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Chronicle of Higher Education Weekly Briefing


Monday, May 23, 2016

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This Week’s Highlights

Where Does the Regional State University Go From Here?premium

By Lee GardnerReeling from financial crises, the workhorse of public education is being reshaped on the fly.

Regional Publics Cast Wider Nets and Rethink Retentionpremium

By Eric HooverThe universities aren’t aggressively recruiting in faraway states, but they are reaching beyond traditional boundaries and trying other strategies to hit enrollment goals.

Want to Beat ISIS? Try Poetry and Negotiation

By Tom BartlettPhilippe-Joseph Salazar spent a year and a half studying ISIS propaganda. His takeaway: Let’s cut our losses and negotiate.

Elsevier’s Purchase of Social-Sciences Hub May Signal a Strategy Shift premium

By Jeffrey R. YoungThe move by the publishing giant caused a ruckus on social media.

The Chronicle Review

The Scientist Who Talks to ISIS premium

By Tom BartlettAn unorthodox anthropologist goes face to face with the enemy.


Colleges Shouldn’t Have to Deal With Copyright Monitoring

By Pamela SamuelsonIn a long-running lawsuit, three academic publishers have asked for an injunction that would require Georgia State University to closely regulate all faculty uploads to course websites.


Large Community-College System in Arizona Gets Its First Female and Latina Chancellor

Maricopa Community Colleges’ new chief says she plans to reach out to new populations and create stronger ties with businesses.

What I’m Reading: ‘A Dance to the Music of Time’

A 12-volume novel on the social history of London reminds a university president of the value of the arts and humanities.

Selected New Books on Higher Education premium

Among the topics are working conditions for campus custodians, and the impact on college women of having “helicopter,” “bystander,” or “paramedic” parents.


Defending Your Ignorance of Wonder Woman

By Noah BerlatskyPeople writing nonsense about my subject is an occupational hazard of studying pop culture.


Lingua Franca

Trying to Write the Mighty Line

Lucy Ferriss wonders if today’s students are losing the ability to hear the music inherent in the English language.


4 Suggestions for Planning a Productive Summer

With summer upon us, Anastasia Salter shares the strategies she’s using to keep research and writing on track.

Vitae — for Your Academic Life

The Secret Life of the Doctoral Student

Graduate-school culture encourages students to keep their emotional and personal crises to themselves.

Lessons Learned by a First-Year Administrator

Are you considering making the leap from faculty to staff member?

Campus Visits for Newbies

If the interview process for a tenure-track job sounds grueling, that’s because it absolutely is.

Email Lessons for Faculty Members

Browbeat your students all you want about being professional on email, but follow your own advice.


Find Your Next Hire on Vitae
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Your Guide to the Ins and Outs of Negotiating in Academe
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