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The New York Times


Monday, May 23, 2016

The New York Times

Monday, May 23, 2016

Daily Report
A Digital Divide in Detroit | For most Americans, it is hard to imagine not having easy access to the Internet. It is also hard to imagine how you would function in modern society without it.
Never mind not having your favorite food delivery and ride-hailing apps. Without broadband Internet access, you may have a hard time applying for a job, a driver’s license, financial aid or public assistance.
For residents of Detroit, which has the worst rate of Internet access of any big American city, that’s not unusual. Four out of 10 residents of the Motor City lack broadband.
As Cecilia Kang reports, Detroit has made some economic gains in recent years. Unemployment has declined from 19 percent three years ago to 11 percent, though that is still double the national average. But in some poor Detroit neighborhoods, the rate can be double the city’s average.
No doubt, poor Internet access adds to the challenge of changing that rate.
— Jim Kerstetter
An Introduction to Computers class at the Parkman library. Unemployment in the neighborhood is at nearly 40 percent, and many jobs require basic computer skills to submit an application or take an online test.

Unemployed Detroit Residents Are Trapped by a Digital Divide


About 40 percent of Detroit’s residents lack broadband access, even on their phones, which makes finding and applying for jobs increasingly difficult.

More From The Times
Benjamin Fearnow, a former Facebook news curator, said his job was to “massage the algorithm,” but he didn’t see any “intentional, outright bias.”

Facebook ‘Trending’ List Skewed by Individual Judgment, Not Institutional Bias


Facebook employees weren’t directed to squelch conservative news on the site’s Trending Topics, nor would that be easily accomplished by a staff member who wished to do so.

Mark Zuckerberg provided more information about Facebook’s Trending Topics guidelines after being pushed to do so.

Facebook’s Troubling One-Way Mirror


The social network requires a level of trust from its users as it seeks to “make the world more open and connected.” But how open is it willing to be?

Jon Stein, chief executive of Betterment, used a Swedish investment firm, rather than venture capitalists, to lead his latest fund-raising.<br /><br />

Start-Ups Once Showered With Cash Now Have to Work for It


Instead of venture capitalists begging to invest in start-ups, entrepreneurs are begging for cash, and potential investors are making demands.


My 10 Favorite Books: Bill Gates


The businessman and philanthropist shares the titles he’d most want with him on a desert island.

Gus Wenner thinks of gaming today in the way his father viewed rock ’n’ roll when he founded Rolling Stone magazine in 1967.

Wenner Media to Launch Glixel Website as Lifeline for Gamers


Wenner Media, the company behind Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal and Us Weekly, is trying to capitalize on the lucrative gaming market, which has exploded recently.

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