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Turmoil Raises Specter of Faculty Exodus From Public Colleges

 8:59 AM


Weekly Briefing

Monday, June 27, 2016

Turmoil Raises Specter of Faculty Exodus From Public Colleges premium

By Lee GardnerHigh-profile defections stoke rumors of a mass exit, but even if professors aren’t fleeing in droves, there’s plenty of maneuvering behind the scenes.

Gay College Leaders Reflect on Barriers, and How Far They’ve Come premium

By Lee GardnerLGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education held its second annual conference in the wake of a mass shooting that targeted gay Americans. Even in the aftermath of that tragedy, some members saw encouraging signs.

Video: N.C. ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is Discriminatory

By Jack StriplingRandy Woodson, chancellor of North Carolina State University, says a controversial law that requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificates is discriminatory and could damage his campus’s standing in the scholarly community.  

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama’s Immigration Plan — and to Hopes of ‘Dreamers’

By Katherine ManganA deadlocked vote by the justices preserves a lower court’s ruling against a proposal that would have shielded from deportation many parents and siblings of college students.

As ‘Fisher’ Churned, Conversations About Campus Diversity Evolved premium

By Eric HooverShifts in economics and student demographics, along with resurgent activism, have altered the tenor of the discussion about affirmative action over the past eight years.

The Chronicle Review

The Flaw at the Heart of Psychological Research premium

By Christopher D. GreenThe nature of the discipline makes statistics create headaches.


The Supreme Court Frees Colleges to Sensibly Pursue Diversity

By Lorelle L. Espinosa and Peter McDonoughThe Fisher II decision signals, in a time of deep unrest, that race matters.


How Your Journal Editor Works

By Devoney LooserA glimpse into the not-so-glamorous lives and habits of scholarly-journal editors.


A Call to Replace Adjuncts With Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Michael H. Schill, president of the University of Oregon, also talks about his plans to focus marketing efforts more on academics and less on athletics.

Appointments, Resignations, Deaths


Lingua Franca

Colonialism in U.S. Spanish Departments

Latin American traditions, languages, literature, and histories inform North American culture in many ways, says Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera. So why are U.S. Spanish departments so Eurocentric?


Make a More Inclusive Syllabus With Tulane’s Accessible Syllabus Project

Tulane’s Accessible Syllabus project assembles handy resources for making any syllabus more accessible, inclusive, and engaging.

Vitae — for Your Academic Life

They Want Me to Reapply

How to proceed when the search gets postponed.

Cyborgs, Zombies, and P-Values

Writing science fiction can make you a better science communicator.

Tenure-Track Wisdom: Allison Lange

The latest in a series of interviews with rookie academics about what they learned in their first year on the tenure track.

Create a ‘Yes’ Filter

Sure, I am quite capable of speaking on that topic. Whether I actually want to is the question.

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