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London Sustainable Fashion Drinks – 27th July


14 JULY 2016

These are exciting times for us, as we move forward with the next phase of the work of the Ethical Fashion Forum: www.mysource.io

In order to focus on the development of the new site, we will not be running our annual summit this year. Instead, we are reinstating our monthly Sustainable Fashion Drinks event in London. Drop in, meet amazing people, share your ideas and learn from other people in this space… the events are planned on the last Wednesday of each month.

Join us: Wednesday 27th July, 6- 9pm, The Clerk & Well Pub, London EC1R 5DU
Register here

Not in London? We’re keen to facilitate meet ups elsewhere in the world too, which will be easier once we launch Mysource. If you are interested in attending or organising an event in your area,please fill in this form.

Monthly Events Round Up: July/August

The second monthly regular we’ll be bringing you from now on is a round up of what’s coming up in the world of sustainable fashion.

We’ll be pulling together upcoming events, deadlines, and important dates that you might be interested in – click here to take a look at the July and August dates.

If you have any suggestions for future dates or events, please let us know at marketing@ethicalfashionforum.com.

Seminar: Leading Positive Trends

Join Tamsin Lejeune, Ethical Fashion Forum Founder and Mysource CEO, at this Pure London Seminar, to discuss leading more positive fashion trends on Sunday 24th July.

The panel is organised by one of our SOURCE members, DFYNorm, who will also be exhibiting at the event, and other speakers on the panel  include Merryn Leslie, founder of the successful 69b boutique and Kresse Wesling of innovative accessories brand, Elvis & Kresse.

> Find out more and register free

8 Tips On Making The Most Out Of Tradeshows

With tradeshow season fast approaching, remind yourself of these handy top tips when it comes to making the most out of your exhibition space.

From goal setting to solid follow up strategies, proper preparation could make all the difference to growing your fashion business.

> Read now

Image: Abury Collection

Following The Thread: The Stories Of Indian Homeworkers

“Brands that embrace homeworking have a very real opportunity to stabilise precarious working conditions, while at the same time benefitting from the skills and expertise of these local artisan communities” – Dr Julia Kilbourne

Take a look back at this article weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of home working in India.

> Read now

Image: ETI home workers in India


Where: USA + Online
What: Versatile collections of timeless, wearable swimwear and lingerie
Ethics: Committed to minimising waste through smarter usage of resources and raw materials
What’s New: Watch HAH prove that you can be Hot-As-Hell at any age during a catwalk at the Miami Swim Week. Join here at 8pm EST on 15th July for a live stream of the event!


Where: USA and Ghana + Online
What: Unique and colourful handcrafted products of the highest quality
Ethics: The Global Mamas community works together to create prosperity for African communities
What’s New: Get involved in the Global Mamas community: donate or volunteerin Africa and contribute to empowering artisan women and their families.
Discover more brands & retailers in the online SOURCE directory >>


Where: Romania
What: Ladies wear manufacturer – from design to delivery
Ethics: Working under fair trade practices that foster respect and sustainable livelihoods
Discover: Katty Fashion’s range of services from design and fabric selection through to production and import/export advice.


Where: Netherlands
What: Specialist in ecological fibres, yarns, dyes and fabrics
Ethics: Offering naturally dyed fabrics from three dye plants (woad, weld and madder)
Discover: The new collection of stretch hemp and organic cotton jerseys in a wide range of colours.
Discover more suppliers & manufacturers in the online SOURCE directory >>
Mysource Ltd
Rich Mix, Unit CO2
35-47 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6LA
T: +44 (0)20 7739 7692
W: www.ethicalfashionforum.com | www.mysource.io
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