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We make payments painless for apps



We make payments painless for apps, marketplaces and platforms.

Santa Monica, California, US

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We make payments painless for apps, marketplaces and platforms.
$7,193,504 of $7.5M


We come from Visa, PayPal and Apple. We’re here to make payments painless for platforms that process ticket payments for sporting events, donation payments for non profits and rent payments for property managers.

According to Accenture, platforms are a top five 2016 trend, yet, facilitating payments on platforms is a pain. Outdated business practices and legacy systems block even the largest providers from playing in this space.

50 platform CEOs were interviewed to create the perfect global risk free solution. Our platform is in private beta with $1 billion in the pipeline. The barriers to what we’ve created are high. Nearly half of last year’s fintec acquisitions were payment technology start-ups. Our goal is to capture a modest portion of the trillion dollar platform space and sell by 2020 to a cash flush, yet legacy provider.



Kevin Harrington Invests in Digitzs


First female-founded company to reach #1 on The CNBC Crowdfinance 50 Index and #1 for the largest capital raise by a female-founded company


$1 billion in processing commitments from eager platform CEOs

JULY, 2016

First live transaction in private beta

JUNE, 2016

Official Global Launch – April 19, 2016

APRIL, 2016

Able to process in 160 countries and local currencies

MARCH, 2016

Cemented a strategic deal with one of the largest processors in the world


Raised $2.5 MM via Crowdfunder


Kevin Harrington of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ invests in Digitzs and becomes an advocate for investors and merchants

JUNE, 2015

Top notch management team includes Head of Payments at Visa, Apple and PayPal

MAY, 2015


Digitzs has the team, the traction and the technology to be the next big disruptor in the trillion dollar payments space. I’m thrilled to have an early stake in this promising company.
Kevin HarringtonOriginal Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, Investor
Kevin Harrington
In order to facilitate payments on our platform, we had to integrate into virtually every gateway around. Needless to say, payments are a painful yet necessary evil. I am so impressed with how Digitzs is solving all our problems in a single API that I am investing in this round.
Mark Miller, CEO, Ticket SocketTicketing platform for marathon race promoter
Mark Miller, CEO, Ticket Socket
We did deep dives into nearly every modern payment solution, but never found a great fit for our credit and debit card needs until Digitzs. Digitzs nailed our three major pain points in a single minimal API that works worldwide. We look forward to a long and (finally mutually) beneficial relationship with a payment partner.
Deanna Bennett, CEO, Rent MonitorRent payment platform for property managers
Deanna Bennett, CEO, Rent Monitor
AFTER building a white label room reservation platform we discovered the barriers on the payment side. I would encourage everyone in our space to do your research on this pain point first! With Digitzs, we can effortlessly add our fee to each transaction and get paid next day. Digitzs rocks.
Kent Comfort, President, InntenderReservation platform for boutique hotels
Kent Comfort, President, Inntender
Unlike most white label platform founders, I actually come from 20 years in payments. When Laura first told me of her solution, my first reaction was “this is too good to be true.” I soon discovered the API was a breeze and provides for every function “as advertised.”
Steve Roderick, CEO, GotobillingInvoicing platform for large CPA and legal fi
Steve Roderick, CEO, Gotobilling
Now that one of the largest banks in North America is considering an equity stake in Digitzs, this feels like a similar path to what I experienced at PayPal nearly two decades ago.
David Jaques1st CFO @ PayPal, Chairman, Co-Founder
David Jaques
Laura is a proven entrepreneur with deep domain expertise. I am excited to be an early investor in Digitzs.
Barbara LazaroffCo-Founder Wolf Gang Puck Brands, Investor
Barbara Lazaroff
Digitzs has a dual threat offering for the massive and emerging platform economy that’s defensible from an intellectual standpoint.
Edward KatzinWorldwide Payments @ Apple & Visa, Co-Founder
Edward Katzin
I was head of acquiring at Visa for 17 years. I am familiar with virtually every payment processor in the US both large and small. Digitzs has the most disruptive platform and business model I’ve ever seen.
Linda PerryMost Influential Woman in Payments, Co-Founde
Linda Perry
Platforms that process payments, like tickets, donations and rent, are fast becoming the new normal. Much of the payments space has not received this memo. Digitzs has created a disruptive payments API for the platform space that rocks.
Mark C. ThompsonCoach to Richard Branson & Steve Jobs, Invest
Mark C. Thompson
For more than 25 years, I have witnessed Laura’s remarkable success in business first hand. I consider my provision of Digitzs’ seed capital as one of the smartest investments I’ve made to date. Laura is the most driven entrepreneur I’ve ever known AND she is a finisher. If you are considering an investment in Digitzs, feel free to reach out to me for a character reference on Laura Wagner.
Angela MartinSeed Investor @Digitzs
Angela Martin


Laura Wagner

Laura Wagner

CEO, Founder, Proven Niche Payments Entrepreneur

Laura is a high energy strategic visionary known for profitable niche solutions in the payments space. She is a serial entrepreneur passionate about the personal development of her team and the delivery of massive value to her customers and investors.
David Jaques

David Jaques

Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, 1st CFO @ PayPal

As the first CFO of PayPal, treasurer at Silicon Valley Bank and Director at Blue Run Ventures, David is recognized by the global fintech community as a pioneer
Stacey Moore

Stacey Moore

Founding Partner, Unicorn, Platform Architect

Stacey Moore is a polymath who has won awards as a technologist, designer, business leader, and artist. Grounded in deep multi-disciplinary expertise, Moore builds innovative technologies and brands by simultaneously working from the perspectives of CTO, CMO, creative director, and entrepreneur. She has helped both start-ups and market leaders generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and value.
Ben Way

Ben Way

CIO, Co-Founder, AI Marketing Expert, 100+ Exits

Ben Way is a best selling author, leading futurologist, technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur. With over twenty years of experience in technology and innovation, Ben has travelled the world seeking out and developing new technologies. As a leading voice on the challenges and benefits of tomorrows technology, he has advised some of the worlds leading institutions, including the White House, regarding technological preparations for the future. He is the recipient of the millennium entrepreneur of the year award and has appeared on numerous technology and philanthropy television programs. Now based in San Francisco he helps take early and mid stage companies into the US market. Due to overwhelming demand if you would like to speak to me directly about your business or investment opportunity please use Clarity https://clarity.fm/bway
Linda Perry

Linda Perry

17 years @ Visa, Most Influential Woman in Payments

Linda was the head of Acquiring at Visa for 17 years & was named The Most Influential Women in Payments (3 years in a row) by PaymentSource.
Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on ABC ‘Shark Tank’ & Investor

Kevin is Chairman of As Seen On TV. He is an original ABC Shark Tank investor and widely known as the principal architect of the infomercial industry.
Edward Katzin

Edward Katzin

Head of Payments at Apple, filed 38 patents @ Visa

Former Head of Global Products for Visa, filed 38 patents. Former CIO of Revolution Money (sold to American Express).
Kai Blache

Kai Blache

Kai Blache, VP of Investor Relations, Co-Founder

Prior to becoming a seasoned New York VC, Kai served as a VP at JP Morgan, DNB and Parabus Bank. He takes an active role is his portfolio investments of head of investor relations and finance.


Team Member Name

Kevin Harrington

As Seen On TV Pioneer and Original Shark on Shark Tank

Kevin is Chairman of As Seen On TV. He is an original ABC Shark Tank investor and widely known as the principal architect of the infomercial industry.
Team Member Name

Mark Thompson

Bestselling author, coach, VC

Team Member Name

Angela Martin

Seed Investor @Digitzs

Angela provided Digitzs’ seed capital. She is a writer and philanthropist who resides in San Antonio, TX and SanteFe, NM.
Team Member Name

Barbara Lazaroff

A highly regarded restaurateur and member of the American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.).



Team Member Name

Maria Botta


Team Member Name

Libah Grossman

Client Elation Manager

Team Member Name

Jewel Green

Partner Success Manager

Team Member Name

Derick Manlapeg

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Team Member Name

Bekah Rife

Zen Facilitator


Team Member Name

Crowdfunder –


Team Member Name

Joe Daniels


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