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Introducing the High-Flex Consumer

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WGSN Mindset The High-flex consumer ~ No more stereotypes… The increasing collapse of traditional social identifiers (age, gender, race) is paving the way to a new vision that embraces diversity and celebrates the beauty of non perfection. Public or Private Life? The growing blurred lines between private life, public profile and professional career are leading consumers to embrace a multifaceted perspective with fast-evolving needs and desires. Social Context @winnieharlow @fannykarst ~ PART 1: The High-flex consumer ~ How do they see themselves? New attitudes: Tolerant + Openminded + Creative • Free-to-be-me society: flexible regarding work, love, identity, religion and social • People are unique: need for self expression in a society of flexible identities. • Creative Class: With access to creative apps and popular social networks such as Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, everyone now has the opportunity to become a creator and an influencer


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